Angelique Boyer: Fashion icon in swimsuits with Etérea 69

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Soap Opera Star Angelique Boyer Becomes a Fashion Icon with Her Swimsuit Line

Angelique Boyer, the well-known protagonist of various soap operas, has become a prominent fashion icon, specifically in swimwear. Since launching her own bikini line, her unique taste for clothing, especially in asymmetric necklines, has become all the rage. Etérea 69, her company, creates swimsuits with subtle and elegant touches that set them apart from other brands.

Angelique Boyer Flaunts Stunning Navy-Colored Bikini on Instagram

Boyer has frequently posted images of herself wearing swimsuits from her line on Instagram. One of her most recent posts features a stunning navy-colored bikini with strings on the back and a V neckline with pleats in the lower part of the bust. Although that’s not the only style she’s sporting this season.

PHOTOS: Angelique Boyer Impresses with a Yellow Bikini and Kimono

The 34-year-old actress has expressed several times that one of her favorite hobbies is going to the beach. Alongside her partner, the actor Sebastián Rulli, the couple enjoys Mexican beach destinations. They often share intimate moments and beautiful photos that defy the rules of social media. Besides their acting talent, they’ve also impressed with their fit and toned figures. Recently, Boyer flaunted her on-trend yellow bikini, complete with a one-shoulder top and a strapless design that highlights arms and shoulders. She opts for a low-cut bottom to show off her abs. Boyer believes yellow helps rejuvenate the skin and accentuate a tan. To add a touch of elegance, Boyer also pairs her swimsuit with a long and semi-transparent kimono in white lace.

Angelique Boyer: Two Bikinis You Can Steal For This Summer

According to the actress, one of her most iconic swimsuits “arises from a deep relationship with our beauty, a link with what we cannot see and touch, only feel. I invite you to share this first collection and that from it, we express our sensuality and freedom. Your soul is Ethereal.” In the photo, she models a green satin swimsuit that shows her love for asymmetry. Another set, in rosewood, features vertical ribbons, pleats, and a short bottom. Boyer has inspired these swimsuits by women, thanking those who’ve accompanied her in launching her brand. She aims to encourage women to express sensuality and freedom with their beachwear.

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