Michoacán’s Successful COVID-19 Vaccination and Surveillance Campaign Results in Strong Recovery Rates and Low Hospital Occupancy

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Michoacán Maintains Active COVID-19 Vaccination and Surveillance

MORELIA, Mich. – The Michoacán Ministry of Health (SSM) is continuing its efforts to contain and mitigate the COVID-19 virus through active vaccination and epidemiological surveillance.

Positive Results in Hospital Occupancy and Recovery Rates

A statement from SSM reports that due to these actions, the incidence rate of hospital occupancy in the region has decreased by 1.34 percentage points, contributing to a recovery rate of 95.99%.

Over 92% of Michoacan Population Vaccinated

As of now, 92.46% of the Michoacan population has at least one dose of the vaccine against COVID-19, which translates to 8 million 408 thousand 706 doses being administered to various groups within the population.

Efforts Specifically Target the Most Prevalent Age Groups

The 18 to 29 age group has had the most significant response to vaccination efforts, with 1,872,254 doses administered, followed by the 30 to 39 year age group with 1,373,145 doses administered, and then the 60 year and over age group, with 1,364,802 doses administered.

Continued Reinforcement of Vaccination Efforts

With these efforts and positive results, the population of Michoacán is being protected against the virus, and as such, vaccination campaigns will continue to be reinforced.

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