New York City Approves Minimum Wage Increase for Delivery Workers

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New York Delivery Couriers to Charge $17.96 per Hour from Next July

Couriers who work for mobile apps like Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Grubhub will begin to charge $17.96 per hour from July 12, following the approval of the new law by the City Hall. This is in accordance with the demands of the “deliveristas,” as they are commonly known. This regulation is set to affect approximately 60,000 individuals in the city.

Salary Increase Contemplated

The new law contemplates a salary increase of up to $19.96 dollars an hour as of April 1, 2025. This is a reduction of the original plan that called for delivery workers, who must provide their means of transportation, to be paid $23.82 per hour.

Delivery Men Celebrate New Measure

Dozens of delivery men, primarily Latin Americans, gathered at the Mayor’s office today to celebrate the measure and express their joy. They shouted, “Yes, it was possible.”

Mayor of the Big Apple Supports New Minimum Wage

The new minimum wage will ensure that these workers and their families can earn a living, access greater economic stability and also help to continue the city’s legendary restaurant industry to prosper, said the Mayor of the Big Apple, Eric Adams, in a press conference.

Workers Justice and 32BJ SEIU Union Support the New Regulation

The group Workers Justice, one of the primary promoters of the law and groups that represent deliverers in the city, along with Manny Pastreich, president of the 32BJ SEIU union representing 175,000 members in twelve states in the country, have both praised the achievement of the new regulation.

Current Salary Limitations for Deliveristas

The salary for deliveristas is currently restricted primarily to customer tips. According to Workers Justice, they have to make an initial investment of about $10,000 to start working as delivery drivers and between $500 and $1,000 monthly for other expenses not covered by the applications.

Norms of the New Law

The new law stipulates that the salary paid must include both delivery time and the time a delivery person waits for a new order. An average worker spends 60% of their day delivering and 40% waiting for new orders.

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