Michelle Salas celebrated her 34th birthday in Punta Mita

Michelle Salas and Daniel Diazgranados heading to the celebration.

together with his mom, Stephanie Salas and his partner, the actor Humberto Zuritahis sister camila valeroher fianceDanilo Diazgranados and some friends, the daughter of Luis Miguel He celebrated in a big way in a house where he made a wish before blowing out the candle on his white cake with strawberries and, of course, the traditional bite could not be missing.

Michelle Salas bit into her birthday cake.

“We just finished eating, you won’t understand how happy I am to be back in this place. I was telling my mom that this house is so special and I wanted to go back, especially since the people who work here have a super nice vibe. The food is the best I have ever tasted and, in addition, on this birthday we have many surprises, ”the birthday girl commented on the video while her mother reviewed the outfit they would wear for the night.

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Michelle Salas celebrates 34 years of life.

Michelle He joked that he is “one year older”, and on this significant occasion, he thanked the presence of all the people he loves. “I can’t believe it, my family and my friends in this beautiful place, I couldn’t ask for anything more”, she expressed while showing the elegant decoration of the table and the decorations around it while in the background, in the dark, the waves were heard. from sea.

Michelle Salas blew out the candle on her white cake with strawberries.

Who went to Michelle Salas’s birthday?

At 12 o’clock at night, everyone toasted michwho received congratulations from her guests, but one of the most striking was precisely that of her mother who through her account instagram and with a photograph of both in black and white, he wrote:

“Someone told me that I would have a doll to take care of. That in my arms I would put her to sleep and thus my life would change. I love you girl Michelle. The whole happiness today and always for you, my girl. I love you mushiiii. To throw the house out the window”.

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The congratulations were joined Humberto Zurita commenting: “Congratulations michMay your life always be full of love, health and happiness, today and always. camila valeroFor his part, he scored five red heart emojis.

Among other moments of the celebration that the great-granddaughter of Silvia Pinal shared in their networks, it was a dip in the pool to cry out the strong heat wave that hits the region of the Mexican southeast.

Michelle Salas made a wish.

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