Fotograma, Minuto 11 con 57, Andrés Hurtado da la cara tras encontronazo con Frederik Oldenburg | Hoy Día | Telemundo

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Frame, Minute 11 with 57, Andrés Hurtado shows his face after clash with Frederik Oldenburg | Today Day | Telemundo

Peruvian Television Presenter Stirs Controversy

An online video depicting the Peruvian television presenter, Andrés Hurtado, firing one of his producers has gone viral this week on social media. Hurtado is a rather controversial character in the Peruvian show business. Latest speculations suggest that his on-screen antics might not have been as real as they were advertised to be.

Hurtado’s Feud with Carmen Villalobos’s Boyfriend

Hurtado appeared on Telemundo’s “Hoy Día” on Thursday and refused to appear alongside Frederik Oldenburg, the boyfriend of actress Carmen Villalobos. The two had a run-in on Wednesday after Oldenburg criticized Hurtado for his treatment of his producer. Hurtado retaliated by claiming that the standards in Peru are different from those in America.

Hurtado’s Visit to ‘Today’

When Hurtado finally agreed to appear on “Hoy Día,” he caused quite a stir. He repeatedly suggested that Oldenburg had a bad vibe, and upon arriving on set, Hurtado asked to go to a commercial break to have Oldenburg removed. He stated: “I asked that he not be on the set. There is no need to break the protocols. I am the guest and the protocols must not be broken.” The program’s presenter, Chiky Bombom, told him that he could not dictate who was allowed to be there. Despite this, Hurtado refused to interact with Oldenburg while he was on the show.

As the interview continued, the tension between Hurtado and Oldenburg escalated, with Hurtado calling him a hypocrite. Hurtado also claimed that the interview was a setup, and after the show, he even sent a message to the producer he had fired, asking him to return to be on the show again.

Finally, Hurtado declared, “I am an extraterrestrial… I am a superior brother.” The interview ended with laughter from the production crew, but the debate around the behavior of presenters towards their production teams and whether Hurtado’s actions towards his worker constituted abuse of power continue to be controversial.

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