Andrés Hurtado’s Producer Returns to Show After Controversial Live Firing Incident

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Producer Fired by Andrés Hurtado Makes Surprising Comeback on Show

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When Andrés Hurtado fired his producer, Jose Malpartida, live on the air last week due to an error in the script, it generated outrage both nationally and internationally. However, in the latest “Sábado con Andrés” episode, he made a surprise reappearance before the cameras, much to the audience’s delight.

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After an introduction to the show, Andrés Hurtado addressed the issue and promised to answer questions from foreign press. He then presented the rehired worker in front of the cameras, drawing applause from the audience.

Trome |  Producer of Andrés Hurtado reappeared on the program

Producer José Malpartida returned to “Sábado con Andrés” after being fired in a previous episode and was received with praise from the public.

Andrés Hurtado Makes Joyful Return to Show

Images of “Sábado con Andrés” showed the host, Andrés Hurtado, dancing like it was his best years, demonstrating remarkable happiness since he had received widespread international media attention.

“As for the topic about my producer, yes, he is here. If the camera can zoom in, the public can see him live, to whom I give a loud round of applause to my producer. Thank you, José, whether it’s a game, a lie, or the truth, the truth does not interest me,” expressed the popular “Chibolín”.

Gigi Miter Reveals Past Incidents with Andrés Hurtado

Gigi Miter and Rodrigo Gonzalez commented on the controversy that arose when Andres Hurtado visited all the Telemundo programs in recent days to discuss the live dismissal of “Sábado con Andrés” producer, Jose Malpartida.

“A former worker wrote to me who did not want me to use her name and told me: ‘Chibolín is like that. He did the same to me when I worked with him. I took out my things, and he had them called me back, just to tell me that I was part of the show,’” revealed Gigi Miter.

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