Yailin’s Controversial Return: Indirects towards Anuel AA and a Viral Performance

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“We had a love of networks and television.”

Yailin. (Capture)

Yailin, known as “the most viral,” made a highly anticipated return to the stage after taking a break during her pregnancy. This time, she participated in the event “Mujeres del movimiento” at the United Palace in New York. Despite the short notice, the Dominican artist was one of the most eagerly awaited performers.

Her show has already gained significant attention due to references made towards Anuel AA, her ex-partner and the father of her daughter Cattleya. Not only did she perform her new song “Narcisita,” which contains clear references to reggaeton, but she also tore apart a banner that displayed the phrase “real until death,” which is Anuel AA’s slogan.


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In videos circulating on social media, Yailin can be seen wearing a tight corset that appears to be made of snakeskin, along with denim shorts. She initially wore matching boots at the beginning of her performance but later decided to perform barefoot on stage.

During the performance of her bachata song “Narcisista,” some of her fans sent her a banner featuring photos of her and the phrase: “real until death and you became nah,” which she uses in her song. In response, she took the sign and broke it into pieces, throwing them towards the audience as a representation of her current feelings towards Anuel AA.

This act, which received support from the crowd, aligns with the themes present in her aforementioned new song, where she takes aim at her ex-partner.

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The influencer has admitted to undergoing surgery.

“When I needed you, you were never there,” “selfish, liar, narcissistic,” “in my film you are not the protagonist,” “we had a love of networks and television” are some of the messages Yailin conveys to Anuel AA through her music.

In the music video, she even imitates Anuel AA’s signature glasses and haircut. In one of the clips, it is evident how the reggaeton artist distanced himself from her while she was pregnant. He stated, “She is the mother of my daughter, but I am no longer with her.”

Other comments circulating on social media about Yailin’s performance pointed out the apparent lack of preparation for the event. Instead of singing her songs, she frequently asked the audience, “how do you say?” and let them take over.

Yailin, also known as “the most viral,” recently made a comeback on the stage after taking a break due to her pregnancy. She performed at the event “Mujeres del movimiento” in New York and was one of the most anticipated performers. During her show, Yailin made references to her ex-partner, Anuel AA, and their daughter. She performed a new song with clear reggaeton references and tore apart a banner displaying Anuel AA’s slogan. The article also mentions related videos featuring Yailin and 6ix9ine and Anuel celebrating his daughter’s birthday.

What is the significance of Yailin’s banner tearing and her new reggaeton-inspired song in relation to Anuel AA and their past relationship

Yailin’s banner tearing and her new reggaeton-inspired song hold significance in relation to Anuel AA and their past relationship due to the following reasons:

1. Symbolic representation: Yailin tearing her banner can symbolize the end of their relationship or the emotional turmoil she went through during their time together. It may also signify her desire to move on and break free from any emotional attachment to Anuel AA.

2. Musical expression: Yailin’s new reggaeton-inspired song might serve as a form of artistic expression through which she could share her feelings, experiences, or even address certain aspects of their relationship. The choice of genre could be intentional, as reggaeton is often associated with personal stories, love, and breakups.

3. Individual growth: Yailin’s decision to pursue her own musical career by releasing a new song can showcase her personal growth and independence after their relationship. It depicts her ability to transform challenging experiences into art, showing that she has moved forward and embraced new opportunities.

4. Response to Anuel AA: Yailin’s banner tearing and new song could be seen as a response to Anuel AA’s actions or behavior during their relationship. It might be her way of standing up for herself or reclaiming her own narrative in the public eye.

Overall, Yailin’s banner tearing and her new reggaeton-inspired song can provide insights into her emotional journey, personal growth, and response to their past relationship with Anuel AA.

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