Tragic Death of Venezuelan Man in Texas While Demolishing a House

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Tragic Accident Claims Life of Zuliano in Dallas

A native of Villa del Rosario in Perijá, a Zuliano, met an untimely death on Saturday, June 24, in Dallas, Texas, United States. The unfortunate incident occurred when a wall collapsed on him while he was demolishing a house.

A Beloved Father and Husband

The deceased, identified as 46-year-old José Luis Rosendo, was affectionately known as “El Negro” among his relatives. He leaves behind three children, who are now orphaned due to this tragic accident.

An Instantaneous Tragedy

Witnesses at the scene emphasized that the Venezuelan’s death was instantaneous. Rosendo was in the process of demolishing some walls when one of them unexpectedly fell on top of him, burying him under the rubble. Despite rescue efforts, Rosendo was pronounced dead on the spot.

A Recent Emigrant

According to information from @Rosario95.9fm, Rosendo had migrated from Venezuela four years ago, along with his wife Diana Carolina Carmona González, who is also from Villa del Rosario.

A Community in Mourning

The news of Rosendo’s tragic demise has caused a stir in the Perijá subregion, where he was highly regarded by his fellow countrymen.

Source: Noticia al Día, with information from Armando Moreno

A tragic accident in Dallas, Texas has claimed the life of a Venezuelan man named José Luis Rosendo. He was demolishing a house when a wall unexpectedly collapsed on top of him, resulting in his instantaneous death. Rosendo, affectionately known as “El Negro,” leaves behind three children who are now orphaned. He had migrated from Venezuela four years ago along with his wife. The news of his death has caused grief in the Perijá subregion, where he was highly regarded by his community.

How can PAA support the children who are now orphaned due to José Luis Rosendo’s tragic accident while demolishing a house in Dallas, Texas?

There are several ways in which PAA can support the children orphaned by José Luis Rosendo’s tragic accident in Dallas, Texas:

1. Financial assistance: PAA can set up a fund or donation campaign to collect funds to support the children’s immediate and long-term financial needs. This can include covering expenses such as housing, education, healthcare, and basic necessities.

2. Counseling and emotional support: PAA can provide counseling services to help the children cope with the trauma and loss they have experienced. This may include individual therapy, support groups, and specialized counseling for grief and trauma.

3. Education support: PAA can work with educational institutions to ensure that the children receive a quality education and have access to necessary resources. This may involve scholarship opportunities, tutoring services, and mentoring programs.

4. Legal assistance: PAA can provide legal guidance and support to ensure that the children’s rights are protected. This can include assistance with guardianship, custody matters, and any legal issues related to their situation.

5. Community outreach: PAA can raise awareness about the children’s situation and seek community support. This can involve organizing community events, engaging with local businesses and organizations, and collaborating with other community leaders to provide resources and support.

6. Long-term care and stability: PAA can work towards finding stable and nurturing long-term homes for the orphaned children. This may include connecting them with extended family members, fostering families, or potential adoptive parents.

7. Collaboration with other organizations: PAA can collaborate with other organizations that specialize in child welfare and orphan support. By leveraging the expertise and resources of these organizations, PAA can ensure a comprehensive and well-coordinated support system for the children.

It is crucial for PAA to assess the specific needs of the children and their circumstances to provide the most effective support.

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Patricia June 26, 2023 - 2:16 am

This heartbreaking incident serves as a reminder of the risks faced by individuals working in hazardous conditions. It highlights the need for stringent safety measures, not just in Texas but across the globe, to prevent such tragic deaths from recurring. May this loss prompt a reevaluation of safety protocols and ensure the protection of workers in similar situations.

Martin June 26, 2023 - 2:16 am

This tragic incident highlights the inherent risks associated with construction work and serves as a reminder of the importance of safety precautions in such dangerous professions. My thoughts go out to the family and loved ones of the Venezuelan man, may he rest in peace.

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