The arrival of the dengue vaccine and its vaccination strategy in Argentina

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Strategies for Dengue Vaccination in Argentina

The Anmat approved the dengue vaccine in April and at the moment it is not known when it will arrive in the country and start its distribution, although it is expected to be at the end of the year. According to reports by Channel 7 of Jujuy, once the vaccine arrives in Argentina, the vaccination strategy will be discussed at the National Immunization Commission.

Preventing Mortality and Hospitalization from Dengue

Dr. Ángela Gentiles, a specialist at the Buenos Aires Children’s Hospital, stated that the vaccine is expected to help prevent mortality and hospitalization from dengue for those who have had the disease and those who haven’t. She explained that the vaccine is very effective for diagnoses one and two, which are the strains currently circulating in the country, and has a good safety profile.

Vaccination Strategy Discussion

Dr. Gentiles also noted that the vaccine has only been approved by the regulatory entity and will not be intended to cover every person like the COVID vaccine. The vaccination strategy will therefore be discussed carefully at the National Immunization Commission, taking into consideration factors such as groups, coverage, accessibility, and costs.

They warn that dengue cases will continue as long as temperatures are high in Jujuy

Mortality Rate

Dr. Gentiles revealed that mortality from dengue is not common in children, but more common in adults. Outbreaks begin once the disease becomes endemic, and then affect the population more widely. Therefore, implementing a successful vaccination program is critical in preventing further spread of the disease.

Dengue: in the Alto Comedero operations, they collected more than 240 tons of junk

In the last week, one person died from dengue in Jujuy

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