Yailin enjoys a delicious feast in special company

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Yailin Enjoys a Lavish Feast with Great Company

Neither Tekashi69 nor her ex Anuel, the Dominican singer shared her morning banquet on her social networks where she enjoyed the best company.

Yailin’s Joyful Moment with Tekashi69

Yailin is truly captivated by the song “Pa’ ti” that she sings along with Tekashi69. It has become one of the most popular tracks since its release, with the music video garnering nearly 10 million views.

Proudly sharing her success, the Dominican artist posted a video on her social media, showing her legs resting on Tekashi69’s lap while he happily dances and drives. She exclaims, “Global number 3!”

Not only did the song’s success bring her joy, but it also came with lavish gifts from Tekashi69 as a token of gratitude for their collaboration. The rapper, who recently suffered a brutal assault at a South Florida gym, presented her with these extravagant presents. “This is a gift for you,” he said. “I am grateful for the opportunity to work with you.”

Yailin’s Feast and Her Precious Companion

In addition to sharing her happy moments with the Mexican-American artist, Yailin also showcases her delectable meals and, most importantly, her beloved companion during these feasts. And who is it? None other than her daughter, Cattleya, from her previous relationship with singer Anuel AA.

Yailin y Cattleya

Yailin and Cattleya

| Credit: Instagram Yailin

A Glimpse into Yailin’s Personal Life

So far, Yailin has shared only a few images of her precious daughter on social media. However, she recently made a subtle change to her daughter’s last name on her Instagram account, omitting her father’s name. Meanwhile, her ex, Carol G., has moved on and is now romantically involved with Colombian singer Feid.

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