Ximena Duque Empowers Women and Shuts Down Body Shamers on Social Media

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Ximena Duque Empowers Women Through Social Media

Responding to Critics with Confidence

Ximena Duque is renowned for utilizing her social media platforms to inspire and uplift women, encouraging them to embrace self-love, pursue their dreams, and achieve their goals. Recently, the popular figure faced criticism regarding her abdomen, prompting her to respond to those who sent her messages with double meanings.

With an abundance of self-confidence, Duque took to her Instagram stories to address the issue, confidently sporting a daring bikini. “This will be the first and last time I explain my body, and I do it to educate those who believe they have the right to comment on other women’s bodies,” she stated in her initial message.

Ximena Duque's response to criticism about her abdomen
This is how Ximena Duque responded to the criticism received about her abdomen.

Curious users questioned Duque about a possible pregnancy or the appearance of her abdomen, to which the mother of three confidently responded, “In my case, after consulting multiple surgeons, I have been advised to undergo another C-section to restore the muscles. However, I am not willing to do so. I have a husband who tells me every day that I am the sexiest woman in the world, who loves my body as a work of art. For me, that is more than enough because, apart from his opinion, I love myself just the way I am,” Duke explained.

Furthermore, Duque emphasized that she is content with her body and maintains its well-being through exercise rather than resorting to surgeries. “Being a mother of three and approaching 40, I feel happy and proud of my appearance,” she added as a successful businesswoman.

Ximena Duque says she is happy with her body
Ximena Duque says she is happy with her body.

“Instead of focusing on others’ bodies, consider your own processes, battles, and insecurities. Concentrate on yourself, your body, and your life,” Duke continued.

To conclude, Ximena Duque left an empowering message for all women who feel insecure about their bodies. “The perfect body is the one you have; you are God’s perfect creation,” she concluded.


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