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Elkhan Najafov was appointed Minister of Education of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

Publika.az presents the dossier of the new Minister of Education:

Najafov, son of Elkhan Targulu, was born in 1982 in Nehram village of Babek district.

E. Najafov graduated from the Faculty of Philology of BSU. After completing his master’s degree in 2016, he was admitted to the doctoral level at ANAS.

He began his teaching career as a teacher in secondary schools, and for some time worked as a director of education at the “Hadaf” Training Center.

In addition, he was a trainer-teacher at the Institute of Specialization, taught the subjects “Azerbaijani language and speech culture”, “Business and academic communication in the Azerbaijani language” at the State Customs Academy and Baku Business University. In 2016-2020, he worked as a senior specialist in the Department of Research of Printed Books at the Institute of Manuscripts named after M. Fuzuli of ANAS. In 2021, he was appointed as the head of the Coordination Department at the Methodical Support and Professional Development Center of ARTI.

Elkhan Najafov participated in various international and local conferences. His articles have been published in foreign and domestic prestigious scientific journals. Also, he was the executor of various projects and trainings aimed at the development of teachers related to improving the quality of education.

He is the editor of the Azerbaijani language textbooks currently used in education in general educational institutions. Also, since 2014, he worked as an expert and reviewer in the evaluation and expertise of Azerbaijani language textbooks at the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

In 2015-2016, he was a member of the working group in the preparation of assessment tools for monitoring the subject of the Azerbaijani language for grades 6-8 within the framework of the National assessment. Participated in the preparation of evaluation tools for the subject of the Azerbaijani language at the Republican Science Olympiad.

E. Najafov is the author of textbooks and teaching aids, compiler of dictionaries.

He demonstrated productive work during his tenure as the head of the Coordination Department at the Methodical Support and Professional Development Center of ARTI.

In a short period of time, he held on-the-spot meetings with employees of education departments and methodists in all regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Based on the obtained information and analysis, Methodic created an electronic database of cabinet employees.

In order to increase the professional skills of methodologists and teachers, as well as to develop methodical skills of young teachers, he directly participated in the preparation of programs and electronic resources, and in the organization of various trainings.

European Union, UNICEF, ICRC, ANAMA, etc. of the Ministry of Education and the Institute of Education. worked as a project manager and coordinator in many projects implemented in the framework of cooperation with organizations.

He was the main executor of the organization of methodical services and the preparation of the School Development Plan (SDP) in the schools inspected by TKTA. During his activity at ARTI, he is the author of many articles and methodical materials related to methodical service.

Before that, he worked as the director of Lankaran-Astara Regional Education Department.

He is married and has two children.

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