VIP Bar: A Taste of Messi’s Legacy and Qatar 2022

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Order a miLionesa or Celia Milanesa at Messi’s Vip Bar in Rosario

In the Heart of Rosario, Experience the Magic of Messi’s Vip Bar

Step into a world of millions at Messi’s Vip Bar, located in the heart of Rosario with a breathtaking view of the Flag Monument. While dreaming of traveling to Qatar 2022, you can indulge in a miLionesa to share or savor a Celia milanesa. This exclusive establishment is owned by the Messi family, where everything revolves around Leo…

Millions in Every Corner

And no, this is not an exaggeration. As you enter, your eyes will be drawn to the bar, where a World Cup display featuring the year 2022 catches your attention. Adjacent to it, a historic phrase hangs proudly: “That’s it!” These were the words spoken by Argentina’s number 10 to his loved ones in the audience, as his lifelong dream turned into reality.

A Bar with a Cup and a Phrase

El Vip, situated at the intersection of Rojas and Alem streets, has been a part of Rosario for many years. However, it has been under the management of the Messi family for over a decade. The concession is held by María Sol, Leo’s sister, while Matías, one of his brothers, oversees the day-to-day operations.

A Tribute to the Argentine Star

The references to the Argentine star are abundant. Each table is adorned with placemats featuring an illustration of Leo during the World Cup, alongside the Monument to the Flag. The word “famiglia” is inscribed on these placemats, paying homage to the family’s Italian heritage.

Inside the VIP

But that’s not all. The disposable tablecloth, which doubles as a work of art for any soccer fan, showcases more words from Leo’s mouth during the historic Qatar tournament. It has become a registered trademark that will forever be etched in our memories. However, a slight alteration has been made to promote the family business. What does it say? “Go for the Vip, fool.”

Leo’s Iconic Phrase in Qatar, Adapted…

A Place for Everyone: Moderately Priced and Accessible

At Messi’s Vip Bar, you can enjoy a meal, have a coffee, or unwind with a drink in the evening. During the summer, there is a charming outdoor area surrounded by greenery, offering a picturesque view of the Paraná River. The menu features the “messimania” milanesas, Leo’s favorite dish and his mother’s specialty, which holds a prominent place on the menu.

Celia’s Milanese: The House Specialty

The bond with Messi is set to grow even stronger. There are plans to transform the bar into an eco-friendly establishment by installing solar panels, introducing a circular bar in the center of the room, opening an ice cream parlor, and expanding the premises with a new building. Additionally, a mini museum showcasing various Leo memorabilia will be a hidden gem for fans.

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