Víctor Font analyzes the situation of FC Barcelona and addresses leadership and management problems

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As has been customary since he came second in the last elections for the presidency of the FC Barcelona, Victor Font He appeared before the media at his annual meeting to review current affairs with Barça. The former candidate, who received more than 17,000 votes in the last elections, remains silent throughout the year whatever the current news of the moment, and cites everything to the meeting that took place this Thursday in Esplugues de Llobregat.

In a colloquium with journalists Joan Josep Pallas (The vanguard), Sonia Gelma (Catalonia Radio), Ramon Kiss (The Country) and Joan Veils (Sport), Victor Font He reviewed the situation of the club in several blocks.

From the outset he commented that “we have opted for this format to be able to delve into certain subjects”. Font commented that “a year ago we held the last press conference where we presented our proposal for the statutory reform. A season has passed where the sporting results have been overshadowed by many institutional situations”.

The former candidate made it clear that “if we want a different club model, it also goes through a different opposition where he doesn’t come out to give his opinion every time something happens. 17,000 people voted for us and supervising the government’s action is our responsibility”.

In his initial summary, he said that “the club’s situation gives me conflicting feelings. On the one hand satisfaction, on the other sadness and disappointment and above all a lot of concern. Maybe because I’m optimistic, I’m still hopeful about the future. I am happy because as regards the first football team, the foundations of a team for the future have been laid and a title has been won. I am excited to see that our bet on Xavi and his staff is a bet that works despite the fact that when we proposed it they told us that it was green. The bet Xavi was the bet that he played ”.

He went on to say that “the women’s football project started years ago continues to be a reference”.

In the negative, he said he was “sad because at the most serious hour in our history the club is incapable of facing a common front. 100% agree with Xavi with the fact that the club is toxic and people are more aware of their likes and phobias. It happened before and it happens now, and the trenches make us weaker”. He added that “we continue with a club model where the member does not count and we are deceived or we are not told the truth. Like when Messi He was going to renew and did not renew. Or I checked when he was going to come back and he hasn’t come back. That Messi He left and has not returned is a problem of leadership and management”.

Another aspect pointed out: “Sad to see how a financing agreement is closed in the Assembly, including a Palau and then it is not there.” He said that “they are not telling the truth when they say that they have saved the club and they have left the UCI. If there were elections today, the economic inheritance would be worse than two and a half years ago. And that’s numbers. We have more expenses than two and a half years ago, more losses, less equity and more debt”.

He wanted to deepen that “we continue in a club where there is no transparency in strategic and relevant agreements, such as Spotify. Behind confidentiality agreements, the truth is not explained to us. No transparency regarding the awarding of the new Camp Nou. Almost nobody knew Limak and everything is surprises. And when asked they say that these make it faster and cheaper. They are not important criteria for the most important investment. There is no transparency about the commissions that are paid, and more when the president said that it would be 100% transparent, and more with people linked to people with responsibility in the club. There is also no transparency with the Montjuïc season tickets”.

Finally, he said that “the concern, given the impossibility of creating a common front, we have a worrisome economic situation. We have had almost 1,000 million ordinary losses in the last two years. No levers. And the forecasts in the coming years going to Montjuïc, which was not mandatory to go, we will have an important challenge to balance the results”.

Of the wage bill He said that “it is 30 million higher than the highest peak of Bartomeu’s management, with how bad it was.” He ended by saying that “in the future I would like to see that many of these things have changed, but the reality is that in order to make the change that the club needs, it is urgent to change the management model. Our predisposition is to contribute and help. We have done it in private and in public. We are willing to help, it is what excites us and motivates us”.

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