The Mobile Vaccination Unit, the responsibility of the Metropolitan Health Region, was vandalized during the early hours of Monday, June 12, while it was parked in an area in the town of Don Bosco.

According to the institution, upon learning of the fact, they made a complaint to the corresponding police unit. This situation temporarily interrupted the implementation of the house-to-house vaccination strategy in the communities.

“What happened is very unfortunate, which affects the population that seeks to apply doses against influenza and other vaccines; Certainly there were only material damages to the vehicle that could be replaced so as not to paralyze the vaccination, but the seriousness of this event lies in the fact that people carry out this type of crime against State units and resources that are there to benefit themselves, which It reflects the evident loss of civic and social awareness,” said Israel Cedeño, regional director.

The regional director of Health explained that the mobile vaccination unit is a bus that was adapted and modified inside with shelves to place medical supplies, portable coolers, etc. to keep the doses of the different vaccines, chairs and a small desk and stationery

Cedeño requested that the population, if they witness this type of act, make an immediate complaint so that the relevant authorities can act.

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