Vaccines against Covid-19 accused of causing serious injuries and million-dollar lawsuits in Spain

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Demand for Compensation for Serious Injuries Caused by Covid-19 Vaccines Continues to Rise

As per the Diario de Sevilla reports, the number of compensation demands made to the Ministry of Health due to serious injuries resulting from Covid-19 vaccines has been increasing.

Lawyer Compiles Seven Cases of Serious Problems After Vaccinations

Andalusian lawyer Fernando Osuna has revealed that he has compiled seven cases of individuals who have experienced serious health problems after receiving vaccines against Covid-19. Two of these cases demand more than one million euros in compensation due to the severity of their suffering.

Cases of Individuals with Serious Health Issues Following Inoculation

A Seville resident, aged 42 years, has lost 97% of their vision and has limited mobility due to the vaccine’s side effects. Another case is that of a 13-year-old from Malaga who was in ICU for four months and now suffers from limited mobility in their legs. A 75-year-old man from Valladolid has also suffered sequelae that prevent the normal mobility of his limbs.

Medical Reports Indicate Link Between Vaccines and Injuries

According to the reports, the lawyer has received calls from affected individuals in Seville and Jaen who share a common profile – that of not having prior pathologies before getting vaccinated. Medical reports also attest to the link between the vaccine and their injuries.

The attorney insists that there is a direct relationship between the vaccine and the injuries suffered, with no external factor interfering. The pathologies they suffer are clearly linked to the vaccine, as demonstrated in the medical reports.

First Legal Demand Already Filed for Compensation

The first compensation demand, gaining wide attention in the press a few days ago, involved a young man from Écija, who has become wheelchair-bound for life at the age of 19.

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