Vaccination operation in the Chinatown of Buenos Aires and next destinations

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Ministry of Health Launches Vaccination Operation in Buenos Aires

It’s official. This Sunday, the Ministry of Health of the Nation reported that it began, in coordination with the Ministry of Health of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (CABA) and the Argentine Society of Vaccinology and Epidemiology (SAVE), last Saturday a vaccination operation strategically located in the Belgrano neighborhood (Juramento 1698), in the area known as Chinatown, which attracts many visitors on festive occasions and holidays.

Successful Start of Vaccination Campaign

Thus began a series of operations that will take place in various jurisdictions in Argentina. On this occasion, the health teams provided care to 73 people, who completed their schedule, 19 of whom also came to receive booster doses for COVID-19. Thus, the total doses applied amounted to 127. The campaign focused on raising awareness about the importance of vaccination to reduce the risk of respiratory diseases such as pneumonia, flu, and COVID-19.

Upcoming Vaccination Locations

As detailed from the aforementioned portfolio, in the remainder of June, the health teams will meet in posts located in the South and West region of CABA. Then in July, they will move to the province of Buenos Aires, and in August and September, they will visit other jurisdictions of the country.

Where to Find the Vaccination Centers

Facilitating access to the right to health, in the coming weeks the devices will be located on Friday June 23 in Plaza Vera Peñaloza (San Juan y Piedras) and on Thursday 29 in Plaza Santojanni, Av. Lisandro de la Torre at 1000. In both cases, the hours will be from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Importance of Vaccination in the Current Context

In the current epidemiological context, given the seasonality that we are going through, which implies, due to the cold climate, the circulation of respiratory viruses – respiratory syncytial virus, flu, COVID-19 – it is important to keep the vaccination schedules of the National Vaccination Calendar complete, including flu vaccination, pneumococcal vaccination, and vaccination against COVID-19 according to national recommendations.

Vaccination Prescription for High-Risk Groups

Therefore, in this sense, it is recalled that pregnant people should receive the flu or influenza vaccine in any trimester of pregnancy. Boys and girls aged 6 to 24 months should be given 2 doses of influenza vaccine separated by at least 4 weeks if they have not previously received two doses. The risk groups also have a vaccination prescription, including people with respiratory and heart diseases, diabetics, and people with obesity, among others.

All of the aforementioned, to receive the vaccine for free, must only present a medical order (except people with obesity, for whom it is not required).

Specific Vaccination Recommendations

Government sources maintained that the pneumococcal vaccine should be administered to boys and girls at 2, 4, and 12 months of life. Adults over 65 years of age and people from 5 to 64 years with problems in their immune system or with chronic diseases should also receive the pneumococcal vaccine. Regarding COVID-19, people with a high risk of serious illness and complications, as well as people with immunocompromised and pregnant people, should receive the primary schedule and booster doses every 6 months. Different recommendations apply to people with intermediate and low risk.

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