US Coast Guard Seizes Over $186 Million Worth of Cocaine in Multiple Interceptions

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US Coast Guard Seizes Over 6,420 Kilograms of Cocaine

The US Coast Guard has successfully intercepted and seized more than 6,420 kilograms of cocaine, with an estimated value of over 186 million dollars. The drugs were confiscated during multiple operations targeting drug traffickers in the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean, as announced by the authorities on Saturday.

Coast Guard Cutter Bear Offloads Drugs and Detains Suspected Smugglers

On Friday, the crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Bear unloaded the seized drugs, accompanied by the arrest of 12 unidentified individuals suspected of smuggling. The US Department of Justice will prosecute these drug traffickers in federal courts, according to an official statement.

Successful Interceptions in International Waters

The confiscated drugs are the result of nine separate interception cases carried out by various US Coast Guard (USCG) crews in the international waters of the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean. The USCG emphasized the importance of teamwork in identifying, intercepting, and seizing illicit trafficking vessels.

Combating Illicit Drug Flow

Lt. Peter Hutchison, duty officer with the Coast Guard’s 7th District, stated, “The contraband seized represents the professional expertise and dedication of US law enforcement and defense agencies working together to combat the flow of illicit drugs through the Caribbean region into the United States.”

Inter-Institutional and International Coordination

The Seventh District of the Coast Guard, based in Miami and overseeing Puerto Rico, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and 34 foreign nations and territories, highlighted the significance of inter-institutional and international coordination in detecting and intercepting illegal drug traffickers.

Joint Task Force and Coast Guard Collaboration

The South Interagency Joint Task Force, located in Key West, plays a crucial role in detecting and monitoring illegal drugs. Once an interdiction becomes imminent, the US Coast Guard takes control of the operation, as explained in the official statement.

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