US Coast Guard Seizes $186 Million Worth of Cocaine in Miami

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United States Coast Guard Seizes $186 Million Worth of Cocaine in Miami

MIAMI – The United States Coast Guard has successfully intercepted and seized a massive amount of cocaine with an estimated street value of $186 million in Miami. The drugs were confiscated in international waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Major Drug Bust

In a recent press release, the agency revealed that over 6,400 kilograms (14,000 pounds) of cocaine were washed ashore in Miami on Friday. This significant seizure resulted from nine separate cases, leading to the arrest of twelve suspected drug dealers on various charges.

Collaborative Efforts

The successful operation involved Coast Guard helicopters and ships, as well as other assets from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in both air and maritime capacities. The combined efforts of these agencies were crucial in identifying, intercepting, and seizing the smuggling vessels.

“This remarkable teamwork exemplifies the dedication and hard work of these crews in combating drug trafficking,” stated Coast Guard Lt. Peter Hutchison.

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