United States Visa Bulletin July 2023: Key Dates for Each Immigrant and Nonimmigrant Category

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The United States Department of State Releases Visa Bulletin for July 2023

Report Indicates Key Dates for Each Visa Category

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Visa Bulletin to the US in July 2023 These are the key dates for each category

The US Visa Bulletin classifies visas into different categories and countries of origin. (Photo: Cuban Newspaper)

The United States Department of State has published the visa bulletin for July, 2023. This guide reports on the availability of immigrant and nonimmigrant visas for individuals from various countries and categories.

The monthly report is used by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) to evaluate eligibility. If applications exceed the quota, a date will be released regarding eligibility based on the priority date of the petition.

Immigrant visas are categorized based on countries of origin and various categories such as immediate family visas, employment preference-based visas, diversity visas, and more.

Priority dates in the visa bulletin are determined on visa availability and a quota system established by the United States Immigration and Nationality Act.

Key Dates for Visa Categories in July 2023 Visa Bulletin

Below are the final action dates for visa categories in the July 2023 visa bulletin:

Family Sponsored Preferences

First: Unmarried sons and daughters of US citizens (F1): 23,400 plus any number not required for fourth preference.

Second: Spouses and children, and unmarried sons and daughters of permanent residents (F2): 114,200 plus the number by which the worldwide family preference level exceeds 226,000, plus any unused first preference number:

  1. (F2A) Spouses and children of permanent residents: 77% of the overall second preference limit, of which 75% are exempt from the country limit;
  2. (F2B) Unmarried sons and daughters (21 years of age or older) of permanent residents: 23% of the overall second preference limit.

Third: Married sons and daughters of US citizens (F3): 23,400 plus any number not required by first and second preference.

Fourth: Brothers and sisters of adult US citizens (F4): 65,000 plus any number not required by the first three preferences.

Category Date for all countries, including Cuba
F1 December 15, 2014
F2A September 08, 2020
F2B September 22, 2015
F3 December 22, 2008
F4 April 22, 2007

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