Two Men Killed and Seven Injured in High-Speed ​​Crash in El Paso Valley

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Two Men Killed and Seven Injured in High-Speed Crash in El Paso

Investigation Underway

Early morning on Sunday, tragedy struck in El Paso’s Lower Valley area as a high-speed crash claimed the lives of two individuals and left seven others injured. The incident occurred at approximately 2:47 am, prompting a swift response from officers and emergency crews.

Upon arrival at the scene, authorities discovered the driver and front passenger deceased. The Special Traffic Investigation Unit (STI) was called in to assist with the ongoing investigation.

Reckless Speeding and Devastating Consequences

Preliminary findings indicate that the driver of a black 2011 Cadillac CTS was traveling at an excessive speed while heading southbound in the painted center median of the 500 block of Country Club Rd. As the vehicle approached a roundabout, it collided with a landscape rock and a traffic sign, causing it to veer off course.

The out-of-control car then careened onto the right sidewalk, ultimately crashing into a tree. The impact forced the vehicle back onto the center of the road. All passengers seated in the rear were promptly transported to nearby hospitals to receive treatment for their varying injuries.

Unfortunate Circumstances

Further investigation revealed that three passengers were seated on the laps of the three individuals occupying the available seats. The exact location of Passenger 7 within the vehicle remains unknown at this time.

Authorities have also discovered that the car involved in the crash had previously evaded law enforcement in New Mexico. As investigators continue to delve into the details surrounding this tragic incident, no additional information is currently available.

Comparative Analysis

This unfortunate event marks the 34th and 35th traffic-related fatalities in 2023, a slight decrease from the 37 deaths recorded during the same period in 2022.


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