Two American Tourists Found Dead in Mexican Hotel Due to Unknown Substance: Investigation Underway

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Tragic Deaths of American Tourists in Mexico

Stock image. (Credit: GUILLERMO ARIAS/AFP via Getty Images)
Stock image. (Credit: GUILLERMO ARIAS/AFP via Getty Images)

(CNN Spanish) — The recent deaths of two American tourists in a hotel in Mexico have been identified as Abby Lutz, 28, and John Heathco, 41, according to Lutz’s stepsister, Gabrielle Slate.

Earlier, the State Department spokesperson confirmed that two United States citizens were discovered dead in a hotel room in Mexico on Tuesday.

Cause of Death and Investigation

The Baja California Sur State Attorney General’s Office stated that the deceased individuals were found in a hotel located in the El Pescadero community, within the Todos Santos delegation. According to the official statement, their cause of death was determined to be intoxication from an unidentified substance.

An autopsy revealed that the victims died due to poisoning “by a substance yet to be determined, with no signs of violence on their bodies,” the authorities stated.

Victims’ Last Moments

Speaking about her stepsister’s final days, Gabrielle Slate shared that Lutz and her boyfriend, Heathco, believed they were suffering from food poisoning. Slate explained, “They had been unwell for several days. She visited the hospital for an IV treatment and returned to the hotel feeling better. They spent a pleasant day on their trip before we received the tragic news of her death,” she told CNN.

The location where the deceased US citizens were discovered

“We want everyone to know how much we loved her and that this loss is unbearable. We will miss her dearly. It’s truly devastating,” Slate expressed. In an effort to support the grieving family, Slate initiated a verified GoFundMe campaign that has raised over $9,600.

Investigation and Condolences

Authorities responded to a distress call on Tuesday night and discovered the deceased couple at the hotel. Based on preliminary investigations, it is estimated that they had passed away approximately 10 to 11 hours prior.

“We extend our sincerest condolences to the families for their loss,” stated the spokesperson from the US State Department, affirming their commitment to closely monitor the ongoing investigation conducted by local authorities.

The FBI, however, confirmed that it is not involved in the investigation, according to a US law enforcement source informed by CNN.

Henar Gil, the general manager of Rancho Pescadero, expressed the establishment’s profound sorrow while assuring that there were no indications of threats to guests’ safety. The hotel is cooperating fully with the authorities in their investigation.

— Fidel Gutierrez contributed to this report.

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