Tristan Schukraft Revitalizes Tryst Beachfront Hotel and Circo Bar with Multimillion Dollar Investment

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New Owner Injects Life into Tryst Beachfront Hotel and Circo Bar Nightclub

An ambitious plan to revitalize the Tryst Beachfront Hotel, located in County, and the Circo Bar nightclub in Santurce, has been set in motion. The properties, now under new ownership, are expected to undergo a multimillion-dollar transformation.

American Entrepreneur Takes the Helm

Tristan Schukraft, an American businessman who serves as the founder and CEO of the Miami-based telemedicine platform MISTR, has acquired both the Tryst Beachfront Hotel and Circo Bar nightclub. Schukraft’s platform is dedicated to providing free access to HIV preventive treatments and tests for sexually transmitted diseases.

A Lucrative Deal

According to documents from the Land Registry, Schukraft purchased the shares of the hotel from its previous owner, FDCPR LLC, which had acquired the property in 2018 for $5.5 million.

Tourism Tax Transfer Approved

As part of the agreement, the Puerto Rico Tourism Company (CTPR) has approved the transfer of the tourism tax decree to Schukraft, previously granted to FDCPR LLC in 2021, as reported by The New Day.

A Gem of the Past

The Tryst Beachfront Hotel, formerly known as The Atlantic Beach Hotel since its opening in the 1960s, boasts breathtaking ocean views, 36 elegantly furnished rooms, a penthouse with two rooms, and a restaurant and bar, making it a true hidden treasure in Condado.

Revitalizing LGBTQ+ Life in Puerto Rico

Schukraft plans to invest $6 million into the Tryst Beachfront Hotel, envisioning Condado as the vibrant center of LGBTQ+ life in Puerto Rico. The hotel has been catering to the LGBTQ+ community for several years, offering a diverse range of activities hosted by renowned drag queens, including Alyssa Hunter and Amalara Sofía.

Condado’s Prosperous Future

This investment by Schukraft is part of a larger trend in Condado, with over $450 million poured into various tourism and real estate projects, as recently reported by our publication.

A Comeback for Circo Bar

Circo Bar, which has been closed for several years, is set to make a grand return with a spectacular Las Vegas-style show. The reopening is scheduled for the autumn season, promising an unforgettable experience for locals and visitors alike.

Prominent Figures Share Their Excitement

Expressing his enthusiasm, Schukraft states, “I am excited to help reinvigorate the LGBTQ+ scene in Puerto Rico as we build on the legacy of these two incredible venues. Our team is committed to taking The Tryst and Circo Bar to the next level, offering a plethora of reasons for visitors and locals to enjoy themselves from day to night.”

John Tanzella, the president and CEO of the International LGBTQ+ Tourism Association (ILGTA), shares in the excitement, stating, “Both The Tryst and Circo Bar will revitalize these queer spaces, providing vibrant settings for the LGBTQ+ community to flourish while honoring their rich history.”

Puerto Rico’s Destination Marketing for the LGBTQ+ Community

Discover Puerto Rico, the destination marketing organization (DMO), actively promotes the island as a welcoming and inclusive destination for the LGBTQ+ community. In 2018, Puerto Rico was honored as the “destination of the year” by Recognizing its appeal, the DMO launched the “Live Out” advertising campaign in 2021, aimed at attracting more LGBTQ+ tourists.

Leah Chandler, the chief marketing officer of the DMO, emphasized Puerto Rico’s allure for LGBTQ+ travelers, citing its vibrant nightlife and progressive public policies.

Reporter Sharon Minelli Pèrez contributed to this story.

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