Trauma Center Vienna-Brigittenau: Statement on reporting – 2024-04-04 21:56:29

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Vienna (OTS) The Deputy Medical Director of the Vienna Trauma Center and Site Manager Brigittenau/Lorenz Böhler, Prim. Priv.Doz. Dr. Thomas Hausner, contradicts current reports in a daily newspaper.

“It is simply wrong that there are no operational plans. Every employee knows where he or she will be deployed for work from now on. Patients are currently being actively contacted to arrange new surgery appointments, and the surgery capacity at our Meidling location is being expanded accordingly. Thanks to the measures taken, surgical care is adequately guaranteed in every case.”

“The mood among colleagues is certainly exhausted to some extent, but morale is good,” says Hausner. “We are now not only moving closer together spatially.”

Hausner describes the relocation of the hospital operations while simultaneously providing patient care within just one month “as an organizational masterpiece by everyone involved at the TZW locations and the AUVA headquarters, to whom I would like to express my thanks in this way.”

AUVA also states that all framework conditions that go beyond the actual service have been fixed in the interests of our employees. This also includes organizational matters such as parking spaces, public transport tickets, access cards and changing rooms.

The changes for the employees at the Brigittenau location resulting from the shift in services will be cushioned as far as possible by the social agreement agreed with the works council.

It is obvious that in such a complex and time-consuming project not everything works smoothly, not all solutions can be implemented immediately and completely and adjustments are unavoidable. However, the AUVA employees do an outstanding job and work tirelessly to solve every new problem.

This form of reporting unsettles and harms everyone affected.

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AUVA General Accident Insurance Institute
Christoph Luke

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