Tourist Attacked by Shark in Vieques: Mayor Confirms 14 Stitches Required

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The Mayor Confirms Shark Attack Incident


Vieques Emergency Respond

The mayor of Vieques, José Corcino, has confirmed to Telenoticias that a local tourist was attacked by a shark on Friday night at a beach in the island municipality.

According to reports, the victim is a 24-year-old from Guaynabo. The incident occurred while the victim was on a “tour” with a transparent kayak. As he stirred the water with his right arm, he suddenly felt a sharp bite.

The young man received 14 stitches at the CDT (Community Diagnostic and Treatment Center) and did not require a transfer to the main island.

It was reported that the victim’s companion managed to catch a glimpse of the 6 to 7-foot-long creature in the bioluminescent bay.

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