Tips and reasons why your visa can be canceled in the United States

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Traveling to the United States: Visa and Customs Examination

What You Need to Know Before Stepping on American Soil

Traveling to the United States is a dream come true for many people around the world. However, to enter the country, one must have a visa, a credential that guarantees entry to the nation. Moreover, a necessary requirement is a passport, depending on the country of origin. The type of visa determines the length of stay in the United States, which is essential to know if the credential is for tourism, study, work, or residence.

The visa is like a passport to board a direct flight to North America. Please note that holding a visa does not guarantee automatic entry into the country when arriving at airports in the United States. Foreigners must undergo a brief conversation, which is an interview with a Customs and Border Protection (CPB) officer seeking to avoid any fraudulent activities.

During the brief conversation, the CPB officer may inquire about various matters, including where the foreigner plans to stay, the reason for the trip, duration of the visit, and the amount of cash in hand. Depending on their travel history, the officer may ask about the last time they visited the United States.

All the above is under a predetermined premise that the visit to the country is temporary and is not a case of immigration. However, some people settle in the United States, which is not entirely legal. Therefore, if the foreigner does not have a return flight ticket, experts recommend providing a tentative departure date.

According to the Vive USA portal, interrogations at airports in the United States are fast and punctual. After the conversation with the CPB officer, if everything goes well, the official endorses the passport with a stamp that allows travelers to enjoy the vast country. Nonetheless, if the conversation does not go well, a second rectification follows, which is more detailed to check the foreigner’s information, such as reservations, contacts, and even cell phone messages.

Not being honest in US airports can lead to visa cancellation. Moreover, other reasons can lead to the termination of the entry credential, which can happen right after crossing the United States.

Why Can They Cancel Your Visa When You Cross the US?

The Consulate of Mexico in Brownsville, Texas highlights why the United States authorities can cancel American visas at the international airport. According to Live USA, the local rules governing the United States are of vital importance to any foreigner and even US citizens. Therefore, the entry credential may be canceled for several reasons:

  • Working in the United States without proper immigration documentation.
  • Collaborating with relatives or loved ones to cross without proper immigration documentation.
  • Possessing weapons, explosives, or drugs.
  • Bringing more than $10,000 dollars without declaring it when entering or leaving the United States through Border Ports in person, luggage, or vehicle.
  • Accepting public assistance from the Government with false papers.
  • Declaring a more extended stay in the country than authorized to do so.
  • Not immediately reporting the visa’s loss or theft to the Consulate General of the United States.
  • Studying at an educational institution without holding a student visa.

It is worth noting that canceling the visa is legal. Moreover, the consequences can be significant, resulting in the person being unable to return to the United States for years.

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