Three individuals arrested for the murder of a teenager in El Paso

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Three Arrested for Murder of 18-Year-Old Teenager in East El Paso

Investigation Unfolds

Step by step, the truth behind a tragic incident begins to emerge. On Sunday afternoon in East El Paso, two men and one woman were apprehended in connection with the murder of an 18-year-old teenager.

911 Call and Crime Scene

At 5:23 pm on June 8, 2023, authorities received a distressing 911 call reporting gunshots near Tim Foster Park, situated at 14401 Smokey Point.

A Fatal Encounter

First responders arrived swiftly, only to find Gabriel Ángel Martínez, an 18-year-old, inside a silver 2010 Acura with a fatal gunshot wound. Despite their efforts, Martínez succumbed to his injuries at the scene.

Investigation and Suspects

The Crimes Against Persons Unit (CAP) detectives and El Paso Police Criminalistics Unit (EPPD) investigators were immediately dispatched to the crime scene to commence their investigation. It was revealed that Martínez had arranged a meeting with two individuals at the park, one of whom shot him before both suspects fled.

Arrests and Pursuit

Following an intensive investigation, the authorities identified the suspects as 17-year-old Anthony Matthew Zubia, 17-year-old Z’Mari Leishaun Theus, and 24-year-old Alexis Faith Mora. The EPPD Gang Unit successfully apprehended all three individuals during a traffic stop in Montana and Oasis. However, the suspects attempted to escape from the officers.

Collaborative Efforts

The search for the fleeing suspects received support from various agencies, including the Texas Department of Public Safety, US Border Patrol Air Support, and K-9 units from the Rogelio Sanchez State Jail.

Legal Proceedings

Zubia, Theus, and Mora now face charges of murder. Zubia and Theus were each granted a bail of one million dollars, while Mora’s bail was set at $750,000 by Judge Priddy. The investigation remains ongoing, and further details cannot be disclosed at this time.

Alarming Statistics

This tragic incident marks the 2,023rd murder this year, a stark contrast to the 9 murders reported during the same period last year.


An 18-year-old teenager. The investigation is ongoing, but progress has been made as authorities work to uncover the details of the crime. The arrests bring hope to the victim’s family as they seek justice for their loved one’s untimely death.

What impact can PAA have on both victim’s families and the accused when seeking justice in teenage-related crimes

The impact of the Pre-Adjudication Agreement (PAA) on both victim’s families and the accused can vary depending on the circumstances and individuals involved. However, some general impacts could be:

1. Victim’s Families:

– Closure: PAA can provide a quicker resolution to the case, allowing victims’ families to find closure and move forward with their lives.

– Empowerment: By participating in the agreement and having a say in the outcome, victims’ families may feel a sense of empowerment and validation.

– Reduced trauma: PAA may prevent victims’ families from reliving the traumatic experience through prolonged court proceedings and potential cross-examinations.

– Dissatisfaction: If victims’ families perceive the agreement as lenient or inadequate, they may feel dissatisfied with the justice system’s response to their plight.

2. Accused:

– Accountability: PAA can offer an opportunity for the accused to accept responsibility for their actions, potentially leading to personal growth and accountability.

– Lesser sentences: In some cases, the agreement may result in reduced charges or lighter sentences for the accused, allowing them a chance at rehabilitation and a second chance to rebuild their lives.

– Stigmatization: The accused may face social stigmatization and public judgment, as making a PAA might be perceived as admitting guilt or evading full punishment.

– Guilt and remorse: By engaging in the agreement, the accused might experience feelings of guilt and remorse for their actions.

Overall, the impact of PAA on victim’s families and the accused can be complex, involving both positive and negative consequences. It is crucial for the justice system to carefully consider the needs and rights of all parties involved when utilizing this approach in teenage-related crimes.

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Nelson June 21, 2023 - 1:12 am

This tragic incident shows the importance of swift justice for the loss of innocent lives. Hoping the legal system ensures a fair trial, providing closure and solace to the victim’s family.

Kobe June 21, 2023 - 1:12 am

This tragic incident highlights the need for justice and the importance of an effective criminal justice system in ensuring the safety of our communities. May the victim’s family find solace in the arrests and eventual prosecution of those responsible for this heinous crime.


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