This is France’s intolerant attitude towards media values ​​and free speech – 2024-06-28 20:32:13

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It is deeply regrettable that Aygun Hasanova, an employee of the Azerbaijan State Information Agency (AZERTAC), did not allow her to participate in the seminar held in Bonn, Germany, and prevented her from entering the Schengen area. reports that this was stated in the statement of the Press Council.

It was noted that this incident, which occurred due to the order of France, is an attempt to violate legal norms and limit freedom of speech and expression.

“Keep in mind that journalists from many countries of the world were invited to the event organized by the Secretariat of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). In particular, the participation of an Azerbaijani journalist in the meeting was determined in advance and all the necessary procedures were carried out for this purpose. Multi-access Schengen visa, invitation to the seminar and other documents were in order. As a result, with the efforts of the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Germany and the UNFCCC Secretariat, the German authorities found that France’s request was unfounded. After that, A. Hasanova was allowed to enter the country.”

In the statement, it was also emphasized that France’s approach is political, biased, does not fit not only with the law, but also with ordinary ethical norms: “This is the country’s intolerant attitude towards media values ​​and free speech. France should take into account that the attempt to restrict journalistic activities, at the same time, undermines democracy, it is to disregard human principles. Unfortunately, the country’s authorities do not think about it.

The Azerbaijan Press Council calls on the world’s leading journalistic circles and organizations responsible for protecting human rights and freedoms to strongly condemn France’s desire to limit the activities of AZERTAC employee Aygun Hasanova. The Council’s position is that the attempt to apply such a political approach against a journalist in the center of Europe is highly likely to create a negative precedent. Therefore, resistance should be formed in order not to repeat such cases.

We would like to make sure that, as a result of the efforts and principled approaches of the progressive circles of Europe and the world, serious public condemnation measures will be implemented in relation to France, and the country will not dare to resort to such illegal and biased methods again.”

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