Thiago Almada Reveals What Messi Said After Agreeing with Inter Miami in MLS

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Thiago Almada reveals what Messi said after joining Inter Miami

The Atlanta United player explained to La Pulga what the MLS format is like

The arrival of Lionel Messi to Inter Miami has caused a revolution in the world of football. The fact that the Argentine has chosen MLS as his next destination after his contract with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) expired has already had a significant impact on the American league. Thiago Almada, a player for the Argentine team and Atlanta United, shared his thoughts on the matter.

Thiago Almada’s encounter with Messi

The former Vélez player, who has been playing in the MLS since 2022, had the opportunity to meet Messi again during the National Team’s tour in Asia. Almada was surprised when Messi asked him about the league. In an interview with TyC Sports, Almada admitted that he was not well-informed about the tournament at that time. However, he made an effort to gather information and provide Messi with the best insights.

Almada’s excitement and expectations

Almada expressed his happiness about having his idol, Messi, join Inter Miami. He mentioned that their teams will face each other in July, and he is looking forward to the encounter. Despite the absence of a signed contract, the enthusiasm for Messi’s arrival in the United States is already palpable. Almada emphasized the excitement among the Atlanta United club, coaching staff, and teammates, who are all thrilled about Messi’s arrival.

Inter Miami’s prospects

Inter Miami currently ranks last in Zone A of the MLS, while Atlanta United holds the fifth position in the Playoffs zone. However, Almada believes that Messi’s signing will significantly improve Inter Miami’s chances. He stated that Messi has joined a great club and will contribute to its growth. Almada also highlighted the competitiveness of the American tournament, which will help Messi maintain his high level of performance.

Jorge Higuain’s perspective

Jorge Higuain, father of Gonzalo Higuain, who has played in the MLS, shared his thoughts on the league. He mentioned that MLS is on the rise and that it offers a special environment for players like Messi to conclude their careers. However, he cautioned that Inter Miami needs more than just Messi’s presence to improve. Higuain emphasized the importance of building a strong team with players who understand and interpret the game.

Messi’s vacation in Argentina

After a demanding season that culminated in winning the World Cup in Qatar, Messi has returned to Argentina for a well-deserved vacation. He arrived with his national teammates, Ángel Di María and Nicolás Otamendi. During his break, Messi is expected to attend the farewells of Maxi Rodríguez and Juan Román Riquelme.

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