The Unfulfilled Football Dreams of Rodrigo Messi

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Rodrigo Messi did not become a professional player

Rodrigo Messi did not become a professional player

Surname Messi will forever be associated with the name Lionel. However, Lionel was not the first in his family to pursue a career as a professional footballer. On the contrary, his brother Rodrigo came really close to achieving that dream. Despite Lionel’s early success in Europe, Rodrigo continued to strive for his own football career.

Those who witnessed Rodrigo’s play recognized his exceptional qualities and saw him as one of the promising talents at Newell’s, often comparing him to Equi Gonzalez. However, when he was in fifth grade, he was released from the team, an event that deeply impacted Celia, the mother of the Messi brothers. Rodrigo eventually found himself at Central Cordoba and later had trials at the Catholic University of Chile and CSKA Sofia.

In Bulgaria, Rodrigo faced challenges due to his young age and the intense competition within the team, which included several national team players. These circumstances led him to abandon his dream of becoming a professional footballer and fully dedicate himself to supporting his brother, the current captain of the Argentine National Team.

What is the life of Rodrigo Messi?

After initially working as a waiter when the family moved to Barcelona, Rodrigo transitioned into entrepreneurship as his brother Lionel’s success grew. He now handles the publicity affairs of Lionel, and he is also the driving force behind the Leo Messi Foundation. This foundation is committed to empowering young boys and girls to achieve their goals through education.

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