The Transformation of Vica Andrade: From Fame to Motherhood

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Former Host Vica Andrade: A Journey of Success and Motherhood

Former host Vica Andrade and television producer Guillermo del Bosque in a 2010 photograph (Photo: Víctor Chávez/WireImage).

By the fall of 2003, Mexican television was captivated by the second broadcast of Big Brother VIP. The show’s popularity was such that even Dr. Abel Pacheco, then president of Costa Rica, mentioned the reality show on a national network to express his support for his fellow countrywoman, Vica Andrade.

A Rising Star

This was not the first time that Vica Andrade, the former actress and host, had caught the attention of her country. Six years earlier, she had stirred controversy among a group of women who demanded more modesty in her work when she became the face of a skinny jeans brand.

A Career Interrupted

Several decades have passed since those adventures, which, according to her, are now cherished memories. However, it wasn’t just the anecdotes that Vica decided to put on hold; she abruptly halted her successful career as well.

A Journey Begins

Virginia Argüedas, her real name, started her career in the music program Vica Hits after working as a model and host from a young age. She married Jean Paul Andrade at the age of 18, who initially represented her in the entertainment industry and with whom she had her first child, Sean. However, their relationship ended a few years later.

A New Chapter in Mexico

Once in Mexico, Vica established herself as one of the hosts of To the Weekend, a program broadcasted by El Canal de las Estrellas alongside Jorge Muñiz and Mónica Noguera. It was during this time that she met producer Guillermo del Bosque, her current husband and the father of her other three children, Luca, Luna, and Coral.

A Sensational Image

Vica’s unique beauty, abundant curls, and toned physique were hard to ignore, even for herself. Inspired by Gloria Trevi, she decided to release calendars featuring sensual photographs in both Costa Rica and Mexico. The calendar of 2003, the same year she participated in Big Brother, marked the end of this venture as she began contemplating starting a family.

A Shift in Priorities

Starting in 2004, the host, who had surprised audiences with her participation in extreme sports such as diving, surfing, skydiving, and climbing, began to distance herself from the limelight. Her intention was to focus on expanding her family.

A Growing Family

She didn’t have to wait long, as Luca entered Vica and Guillermo’s lives in the same year. In 2007, Luna was born, followed by Coral in 2010.

A Change of Plans

What was initially intended as a six-month break, as Vica recently revealed, turned into almost 18 years. “When my children arrived, I realized that my true objective was not fame or being in the spotlight, but rather being present for my children,” she confessed in a 2018 interview with the newspaper The Nation. This decision was also driven by a sense of guilt for not being there for her first son, Sean. “During the beginning of my career, I think that time was crucial for him, but I was focused on other things. Yes, I was fighting for my dreams at that time, but I was very selfish, and I don’t want to repeat that. I want to be there for them at all times. I have apologized to Sean many times,” she told the same newspaper in 2012.

A Life Devoted to Family

Away from the sets, locations, and photoshoots, Vica dedicated herself to her children and her home. “Some may say that one does nothing when dedicated to the home, but it is a challenging yet rewarding job. I invest time in myself, my children, and my husband. I have been learning to know and value myself in various aspects and to grow internally. Above all, it is for them, for myself, and to find and follow my own path,” she shared.

Exploring New Passions

During these years, Vica also discovered the art of self-reflection and nurtured other talents, including interior design, physical well-being, and pursuing certifications in yoga, physical education, and working with children.

Overcoming Challenges

Fostering inner peace has helped Vica navigate through two difficult times with her husband. The first was in 2017 when Del Bosque was diagnosed with lymphatic system cancer, and the second was in 2023 when he publicly announced his decision to remove his breast implants due to health concerns.

A Journey of Self-Acceptance

“From being a completely healthy mother, from being always happy and positive, suddenly becoming the most ailing person in the world… it was impossible for it not to have affected me so much,” she shared. After undergoing surgery, she now feels whole again and has made peace with her body. “It is worth reconsidering if any aesthetic procedure is worth more than my health. It is about embracing the idea that true beauty is synonymous with good health, and good health is true beauty.”


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Former host Vica Andrade, known for her success on Mexican television and her role in Big Brother VIP, took a break from her career to focus on motherhood. Vica, whose real name is Virginia Argüedas, had a successful career as an actress and host before deciding to put it on hold to prioritize her family. She married Jean Paul Andrade and had her first child, Sean, before their relationship ended. She later moved to Mexico and became a host on the program To the Weekend, where she met producer Guillermo del Bosque, her current husband and father of her three other children. Vica’s decision to take a break from her career was driven by a desire to be present for her children and a sense of guilt for not being there for her first son.

How do you think Vica Andrade’s decision to prioritize her family over her career impacted her personal life and professional prospects?

It is difficult to determine the exact impact of Vica Andrade’s decision without more information about her specific circumstances and the dynamics of her family and career. However, prioritizing family over career can have both positive and negative effects on one’s personal life and professional prospects.

On the personal front, prioritizing family can lead to a stronger bond and deeper relationships with loved ones, improved satisfaction, and a sense of fulfillment. It may also create a supportive and nurturing environment for children or other family members, promoting their well-being. Building strong family ties can bring emotional stability and happiness in the long run.

However, prioritizing family over career can have some negative repercussions on one’s personal life as well. It may result in financial limitations or reduced career success, which can lead to certain sacrifices and lifestyle adjustments. Additionally, focusing more on family responsibilities may limit personal growth, development, or opportunities for self-fulfillment outside of the family context.

Regarding professional prospects, choosing to prioritize family could potentially slow down one’s career advancement, especially if it requires significant time and effort commitment. It could lead to missed career opportunities, reduced professional networking, or gaps in skill development due to less time dedicated to career-related activities. These factors may result in a slower career progression in terms of promotions, salary growth, or industry recognition.

However, it is important to note that decisions related to personal and professional priorities are deeply individual and subjective choices. What might be the best decision for one person’s personal and professional life may not be the same for someone else. It all depends on an individual’s values, goals, and what brings them overall satisfaction and contentment in life.

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Harley June 23, 2023 - 10:18 am

I admire Vica Andrade’s journey of embracing motherhood while navigating the challenges that come with fame. It’s refreshing to witness a transformation that prioritizes family, proving that one’s identity can evolve beautifully with time.


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