The Taiger bids farewell to family before leaving Cuba: Emotional departure for the Cuban reggaeton singer

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Friday June 23, 2023

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The renowned Cuban reggaeton artist, José Manuel Carvajal Zaldívar, widely known as El Taiger, recently bid an emotional farewell to his grandmother and daughter before departing from Havana once again.

As he expressed, these moments of parting with loved ones are always challenging for him. However, he is compelled to fulfill the artistic commitments that come with his career.

“With the blessings of my family, I venture into the world with my head held high,” stated the artist. “Although bidding farewell to these women remains difficult, I have yet to fully adapt,” he added.

Prior to his upcoming musical tour of Europe, El Taiger emphasized the purpose of his journey.

“Stay calm, my dear, for the blessings of your family serve as a powerful driving force. With them, your path only leads forward,” commented one of his followers. “Faith can move mountains, and you have the power to move the world. Countless blessings, my blood. Walk on, for the great always possess their own light and a righteous path to follow… I love FAMILY,” expressed another.

El Taiger has been visiting Cuba more frequently lately, performing shows on the island.

Furthermore, he has been sharing glimpses of his new relationship with Jany Mesa, a young woman who identifies herself as a fashion stylist on her social media platforms. “God’s timing is perfect, precise, and exact… my king,” he captioned a photo with her on Instagram.

During his stay, El Taiger has also been spending quality time with his grandmother and paying visits to the resting place of his late mother in Havana.

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Ays difficult for him, but necessary in order to pursue his musical career both in Cuba and internationally. El Taiger has become one of the most successful reggaeton artists in Cuba, known for his energetic performances and catchy songs.

El Taiger’s latest departure from Havana comes after a successful string of performances and collaborations with other popular reggaeton artists. He has been actively promoting Cuban music and culture on a global scale, bringing recognition and popularity to the genre.

Despite his international success, El Taiger remains deeply connected to his Cuban roots and frequently returns home to spend time with his family. His emotional farewell serves as a reminder of the sacrifices he has made to pursue his dreams, while also acknowledging the love and support of his loved ones.

As he continues his musical journey, El Taiger’s fans eagerly await new releases and performances, knowing that he will continue to represent Cuban reggaeton with passion and talent.

How has El Taiger promoted Cuban music and culture on a global scale through his successful career in reggaeton

El Taiger, a prominent figure in the world of reggaeton, has played a significant role in promoting Cuban music and culture on a global scale throughout his successful career. Here are some ways in which he has achieved this:

1. Introducing the Cuban sound: El Taiger infuses traditional Cuban music elements, such as salsa and Afro-Cuban rhythms, into his reggaeton tracks. By doing so, he has contributed to the popularization of the distinct Cuban sound within the global reggaeton scene.

2. Collaborations with international artists: El Taiger has collaborated with several renowned international artists, including Pitbull, Farruko, and Maluma. Through these collaborations, he has not only brought Cuban music to a wider audience but also showcased his unique talent and style to the world.

3. Music videos showcasing Cuban culture: In his music videos, El Taiger often incorporates elements of Cuban culture, such as vibrant colors, traditional Cuban dance, and the streets of Havana. These visuals serve as a representation of the Cuban way of life and illustrate the richness of the country’s cultural heritage.

4. Promoting Cuban artists: El Taiger has actively supported and collaborated with other Cuban artists, providing them with exposure and opportunities to reach a global audience. By doing so, he has helped elevate the visibility of Cuban talent and demonstrate the diversity of the country’s music scene.

5. Performing at international festivals and events: El Taiger has performed at renowned music festivals and events around the world, including SXSW and the Latin American Music Awards. His energetic performances and infectious music have allowed him to connect with diverse audiences and promote Cuban music on a global scale.

Overall, El Taiger’s successful career in reggaeton has significantly contributed to the promotion of Cuban music and culture worldwide. Through his unique sound, collaborations, music videos, support for other Cuban artists, and international performances, he has played a crucial role in putting Cuban music on the global map.

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Raelynn June 24, 2023 - 10:19 am

This article beautifully captures the heartfelt farewell between The Taiger and his family before embarking on his journey from Cuba. Emotions run high as the Cuban reggaeton singer says his goodbyes, leaving behind a strong bond filled with love and support.


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