What happened to us, what is happening to us, why we no longer have tolerance and we resolve everything with verbal and even physical violence. Faced with this unfortunate reality, we ask ourselves what we can do to change this that has practically settled in our society and that is increasing every day, reaching a point that is practically naturalized in many sectors of our society.

Without a doubt, we have asked ourselves these questions on more than one occasion, especially when we have come across scenes that are surprising, witnessing verbal and even physical attacks in recent times, where the word tolerance does not exist.

This behavior is already installed and we believe that it will be very difficult to eradicate, but it is also difficult to accept it thinking of future generations, who will undoubtedly be born in an atmosphere of tension, in the face of what we call the law of the jungle, where the strongest tries to impose itself without mediating consequences.

To graph what we are experiencing, it is not necessary for us to move to other areas of the country to find these unfortunate examples, it is enough to go back a couple of days and recall the attacks, first verbal and then physical, carried out by a group of young people inside the central module of Zona Franca, in full view and patience of customers and even children.

But if we are talking about examples, we can remember what happened to two freight drivers who went from verbal to physical aggression, but not satisfied with that, they took their vehicles and collided with each other. If of irrationality, here we have a true example.

Undoubtedly, these situations at the national level are daily bread, at least that’s how the news we see on television has shown it. Places such as primary health care centers, hospitals, schools, among others, have been the scenes of violent events, where not only verbal or physical aggression has been present, but also the use of bladed and firearms have been protagonists.

That is why we ask ourselves again what happened or what is happening in our society, why we are so aggressive and react irrationally on certain occasions, endangering the lives of people and even our own… “Where will we end up”, says a song

For many, this behavior is related to the pandemic, but we believe that reactions like those described have nothing to do with it. We think that today we are experiencing a pandemic with a virus called intolerance and irrationality, a virus for which unfortunately there is no vaccine, so we will have to see how we live together from now on, without getting infected.

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