The Importance of Rabies Vaccination for Pets: Protecting the Community

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The Importance of Rabies Vaccination for Pets

Tlaxcala, Tlax, June 16, 2023 (Editorial) – Silvia Altamirano Zainos, the director of the Anti-Rabies Veterinary Center in the Tlaxcala Health Sector, emphasizes the crucial role of vaccination in preventing rabies in dogs and cats. According to Zainos, the vaccination process starts as early as the first month of age, followed by a booster shot at three months, and then an annual vaccination.

Preventing Rabies Transmission

Zainos urges the public to avoid contact between their pets and jungle animals, as they can transmit rabies. Proper control and surveillance are necessary to minimize the risk of transmission.

Immediate Action for Animal Bites

In case of any aggression, such as bites or scratches from animals, Zainos advises washing the wounds with soap and water or an antiseptic solution. It is crucial to seek immediate medical attention at the nearest health unit.

Focus on Vaccination, Not Extermination

Zainos emphasizes that vaccination is the only effective way to prevent rabies infection. Therefore, the extermination of bats, skunks, and foxes is not recommended as a preventive measure.

Adequate Vaccine Supply and Collaborative Efforts

The Anti-Rabies Veterinary Center ensures a sufficient supply of rabies vaccine, especially for suspected and probable cases of transmission, to provide proper medical care. Zainos highlights the coordination between health jurisdictions, municipal personnel, the Center, the Epidemiology department, as well as the support of nurses and veterinarians in vaccinating animals that may have missed their anti-rabies dose.

Recent Incident Reinforces Vigilance

Zainos mentions a recent incident where a bat tested positive for rabies and bit a 58-year-old man in the community of Vicente Guerrero in the municipality of Españita. This incident serves as a reminder to remain vigilant and prioritize vaccination.

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