The Wedding Celebration of Norwill Fragoso and José Rivas

The entertainer Yizette Cifredo dedicated an emotional message to the actress and comedian Norwill Fragoso and her partner José Rivas, who got married yesterday, Saturday.

The ceremony held at the Raúl Julia Theater at the Puerto Rico Museum of Art was full of friends and colleagues from the media.

Cifredo expressed her gratitude to Fragoso for allowing her to be a witness and part of this important moment in the actress’s life.

“What a blessing that they found each other! You certainly deserve it. And although it is a blessing for you, I have to admit my selfishness. It is also a blessing for those of us who are fortunate enough to know you. You both do so much good! As individuals and now as a couple, you contribute greatly to the world. So, cliché or not, it’s wonderful that you found each other to navigate through life together!” Cifredo expressed.

Likewise, the cheerleader, who considers herself a “learner, practitioner, and activist of love,” shared her insights on relationships.

“I have learned that in order to grow together, you have to truly want it. You have to want and believe in each other. You have to accept that we are two individuals sharing spaces. I have learned that it’s beneficial to have each other because we need each other! I once heard Brené Brown, an author and researcher, say that achieving 100% as a couple is true, but it’s a lie to say that it’s because each party always puts in 50%. Sometimes it will be 60/40, other times 30/70, and the key is to know when it’s our turn to support and complete what is lacking in the team to achieve the goal,” she commented thoughtfully.

“All I know is that love should be given with intention. When challenges and pain arise – because they will – it’s possible to feel upset and sad, but love should prevail. Let’s celebrate the moments where everything flows and let’s cherish the reconciliations when it doesn’t. No matter how light or heavy the moment may be, always, always, always choose love. Love exists, and you both exemplify it. Long live the newlyweds!” she added.

For his part, Fragoso shared images on his social networks with his wedding partner.

“Last night was… forever grateful. ❤️🙏🏼 Family Rivas-Fragoso,” said the newlywed.

The Love Story

After many years of friendship, love blossomed. Thus began the beautiful love story between actress Norwill Fragoso and professor José Rivas.

“We have been friends for a long time. It wasn’t planned, it just happened… There came a time when we realized that we were searching for each other, and life surprised us. We allowed ourselves to be surprised,” Rivas explained in an interview with Hoy Día Puerto Rico (Telemundo).

“Friendship transcended and evolved… The process of getting to know each other had already taken place. We were friends, and we still are,” added Fragoso.

Complicity reigns in the relationship between Rivas and Fragoso. “There is still a great deal of admiration, on both sides. I am their biggest supporter,” Fragoso said.

“And vice versa,” Rivas added with a laugh.

One challenge the couple faces is the difference in their work schedules. However, they have learned to overcome it.

“For this reason, whenever there is an opportunity for me to accompany her to the theater, it doesn’t weigh on me at all. Many times we don’t see eye to eye,” Rivas said.

As the actress shared, on the day of the engagement, Rivas invited her to brunch, something that has become a usual occurrence for the couple.

While they were there, José sent her a video through the WhatsApp application, reminiscing about all the moments they have shared together. At the end of the video, he asked her if she wanted to marry him.

“I started to cry… José says that I crumpled up like a piece of paper,” added the actress.

In this content, entertainer Yizette Cifredo dedicates a heartfelt message to actress and comedian Norwill Fragoso and her partner José Rivas on their wedding day. The ceremony took place at the Raúl Julia Theater at the Puerto Rico Museum of Art and was attended by friends and colleagues from the media. Cifredo expresses her gratitude to Fragoso for allowing her to be a part of this important moment and states that their union is a blessing for both themselves and those who know them. Cifredo also shares her insights on relationships, emphasizing the importance of wanting and believing in each other, accepting each other as individuals, and supporting one another in achieving goals. She concludes by highlighting the importance of giving love with intention and overcoming challenges with love.

How does Yizette Cifredo’s message to Norwill Fragoso and José Rivas on their wedding day demonstrate the principles of positive aging and active engagement in relationships?

Yizette Cifredo’s message to Norwill Fragoso and José Rivas on their wedding day demonstrates the principles of positive aging and active engagement in relationships through several aspects.

Firstly, the message conveys a positive attitude towards aging. Yizette Cifredo expresses her joy and happiness for the couple, highlighting their commitment to each other and the celebration of love. This positivity promotes the idea that love and happiness can be experienced at any age, challenging the stereotype that aging implies a decline in relationships or emotional fulfillment.

Furthermore, the message emphasizes active engagement in relationships. Yizette Cifredo describes Norwill and José as a couple who have built a strong bond of friendship and companionship over the years. This suggests that the key to their successful relationship lies in their active participation and investment in each other’s lives. It illustrates that aging can be a time of deepening connections and continued growth in relationships, rather than a period of withdrawal or disengagement.

Additionally, Yizette Cifredo’s message highlights the importance of support and encouragement in relationships. She acknowledges the challenges that Norwill and José may face but assures them that they have a network of loved ones who are there for them. This demonstrates the significance of fostering and nurturing social connections as individuals age, as these relationships can provide emotional and practical support throughout the ups and downs of life.

Overall, Yizette Cifredo’s message exemplifies the principles of positive aging and active engagement in relationships by promoting a positive outlook on aging, emphasizing active participation and investment in relationships, and highlighting the value of support and connection in later life.

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