The Damned New World Order and the Reinvention of Democracy: A Reflection on the Complexity of Modern Societies and the Need for Greater Citizen Participation

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Expert says current democracy model is inadequate


Julio Sergio Ramírez, professor emeritus at Central American Institute of Business Administration (INCAE) and a renowned academic has released a new book. Titled “The damn new world order, Democracy 2.0”, Ramírez argues that societies are increasingly complex, and the current democratic model is ill-suited to address the resultant challenges.

A Dysfunctional System

The current democratic model’s inability to solve problems has created a political crisis. The dissatisfaction of the community, in terms of how it is governed, has reached around 70%, according to Latinobarómetro estimates. Ramírez argues that bad governance is ubiquitous and not limited to authoritarian governments. He adds that democratic leaders have also perpetuated bad governance, and societies can’t prosper in the resulting social unrest.

“With a lot of freedom, with justice, with stable rules, that type of government is the ground to prosper. That, in 20 years, creates a very prosperous society. Prosperity will come after having a stable, competent and free government.”

The Root Causes of Frustration

According to Ramírez, a high level of citizen disillusionment is caused by an increase in the complexity of society, which government fails to understand. Ramírez argues that there is a need for a “reinvention of democracy.” To facilitate this, he advises qualified citizens to verify that the government is working in their interest in public initiatives and projects. Doing so would promote societal well-being in a collective and participatory effort.

The Need for Competence and Stability

Ramírez, who has a Ph.D. in Political Economy and Government from Harvard University, argues that a stable and competent government is the prerequisite for

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