The complicated relationship between Shakira and Gerard Piqué in Barcelona and the internal revelations of the team

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Shakira’s Difficult Relationship with Barcelona and Gerard Piqué

During the cycle in Barcelona, renowned singer Shakira stood by Gerard Piqué’s side through all of the team’s accomplishments, providing an air of perfection and idealism. However, as time passed, it was revealed that there was an underlying tension within the group where Lionel Messi grew up, a tension that was said to be one of the strongest. The phrase “You are leaving or I am leaving” was just one example of the conflicts that arose.

As the news of Piqué’s strained relationship with Barcelona became public knowledge, it was also revealed that his relationship with Shakira had been affected. The singer shared her side of the story, explaining that those were difficult times and that the situation had caused her a lot of suffering.

“Gerard had a rather complicated relationship with Barça. With Guardiola, it was a super tense situation, almost like an ultimatum of ‘you go or I go’,” Shakira recounted. Although the situation worsened during that period, they were eventually able to find stability.

Pep Guardiola and the Complications

Pep Guardiola, the current manager of Manchester City, played a significant role during that tumultuous period for Piqué and Shakira’s relationship.

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In addition to their strained relationship with Barcelona, Shakira also addressed the dynamics between her and Piqué in an interview with the newspaper The Country. She described their relationship as turbulent, comparing it to the twists and turns of a roller coaster. Their professional lives didn’t align, creating a clash of schedules and priorities.

Shakira’s Double Betrayal and Monserrat Bernabeu’s Involvement

Recently, leaked information sheds light on the role of Monserrat Bernabeu, Gerard Piqué’s mother, in the infidelity that led to the separation of the soccer player and Shakira.

While the tense relationship between the Colombian artist and her mother-in-law was already known, it has now been revealed that Piqué’s mother allegedly encouraged her son to pursue a relationship with Clara Chía Martí.

Various Spanish media outlets reported that Monserrat had become “obsessed” with the idea of Clara becoming part of the family and replacing Shakira in her son’s life.

A Love Triangle Involving Hamilton and Shakira

Following her separation from Gerard Piqué, Shakira decided to pursue love once again, and rumors linked her to Lewis Hamilton. However, amidst the apparent joy displayed in viral photos, a supposed third party emerged, causing complications between the two.

Shakira and Hamilton

Social networks

In recent hours, photos have surfaced confirming the involvement of a well-known Brazilian influencer named Juliana Nalu, who seemingly interfered in the relationship between the Colombian singer and the racing driver. Juliana was seen spending time with Hamilton at different places during the weekend, indicating a potential romantic connection.

As Hamilton returned to North America for the Canadian Grand Prix, where Shakira is expected to attend and show her support, the emergence of Juliana’s name might have added complexity to the situation.

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