Lionel Messi Arrives in Rosario for Special Events

It was widely anticipated that Lionel Messi would soon return to Rosario, and in the early hours of Saturday, he finally arrived. Accompanied by his fellow Argentine football star Angel Di Maria, as well as Nicolás Otamendi, Messi’s arrival suggests his participation in upcoming events, including the farewell to Maxi Rodriguez at the Colossus of the Park on Saturday, the 24th. The following day, Messi is expected to attend the tribute to Juan Román Riquelme at La Bombonera. Will Di Maria also be present?

Messi’s Arrival at Fisherton Malvinas International Airport

The private plane carrying Messi touched down at Fisherton Malvinas International Airport around 2:45 AM. The airport was relatively quiet due to the late hour and uncertainty surrounding Messi’s return. After disembarking the plane, Messi and his wife Antonela Roccuzzo got into a waiting private vehicle. Di Maria and Otamendi also arrived separately in their own cars.

The Argentine National Team’s Unique Jersey

The Argentine national team made a statement by wearing jerseys with their surnames written in Chinese. This unique gesture showcased their unity and global reach.

Messi’s Participation in Maxi Rodriguez’s Tribute

Messi has confirmed his presence at Maxi Rodriguez’s farewell event at the Colossus. This will be Messi’s third appearance at the venue, but this time as a world champion.

Angelito Di Maria, another passenger on Messi’s plane, also returned to the city. (Photo: Celina Mutti Lovera / The Capital)

Upon their arrival, Messi and Di Maria were spotted in separate cars, with Messi driving accompanied by his wife Antonela. Otamendi was also seen by an airport employee. The entourage kept a low profile, making it difficult to observe from the airport lounge.

Maxi Rodriguez had previously hinted at Messi’s presence at his send-off, and it seems that Messi will indeed honor his friend’s request. The excitement surrounding Messi’s return to the Colossus is heightened by his recent World Cup victory.

Other Notable Arrivals Expected

In addition to Messi, Di Maria, and Otamendi, several other soccer figures are expected to arrive at the Rosario airport in the coming days. Fiera Rodríguez has invited both active and retired players to join the events.

Another anticipated arrival is Lionel Scaloni, the coach of the Argentine national team. Scaloni confirmed his attendance at Maxi’s farewell and it remains to be seen whether he will take part in the match or simply be present on the sidelines.

Messimania has once again taken hold in Rosario, as Messi returns to his hometown during his time off. He will soon find out if he will indeed step onto the Colossus pitch on Saturday. All signs point to a positive outcome.

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