Tenoch Huerta Experiences Setback in Career Due to Sexual Assault Allegations: Steps Down from ‘Party at the Burrow’ Project

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Tenoch Huerta Faces Complications Amidst Accusations

Tenoch Huerta Mejia at the ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ premiere in London, in November 2022
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BY Alejandro Feregrino-. Tenoch Huerta finds himself in the midst of one of the most challenging periods of his life. Despite a successful streak, including his role as ‘Namor’ in ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’, it appears that his career trajectory has hit a roadblock due to allegations made by saxophonist and activist María Elena Ríos. These accusations have significantly impacted his future projects, leading him to step down from the lead role in ‘Party at the Burrow’.

A Promising Film Project Affected

The upcoming Netflix film, based on the novel by Jalisco writer Juan Pablo Villalobos, was set to commence filming this week. Directed by Manolo Caro, the movie boasts a talented cast including Teresa Ruiz, Daniel Giménez Cacho, Pierre Louis, Debi Mazar, and Mercedes Hernández.

However, in light of the recent unsubstantiated statements made by María Elena Ríos and the resulting damage caused, Huerta felt compelled to make a difficult decision. In a statement sent to journalist Claudia Mollinedo during the Ciro Gómez Leyva newscast, Huerta expressed his need to prioritize the restoration of his reputation. He stated, “Given the impact of the recent unsubstantiated statements by María Elena Ríos and the damage they have caused, I have no choice but to retire.”

Huerta further revealed that he had been forced to resign from the project due to limited options. He explained, “I had two choices: either extend the start of filming for two weeks, incurring high costs for the production, or abandon this film and focus on resolving this situation legally.”

Accusations of ‘Stealthing’ and ‘Gaslighting’

María Elena Ríos accused Huerta of being a “sexual predator,” alleging that he engaged in a form of sexual violence known as stealthing and attempted to intimidate her. In a tweet, Ríos wrote, “It’s very difficult to talk about the emotional abuse and abuse of power of a sexual predator who is loved the world over for playing a movie character like Tenoch Huerta. Charming outwardly, the great hallmarks of a narcissist, plus a good helping of victimization.”

Later, Ríos released a statement accusing Huerta of removing a condom during a sexual encounter without her consent. She emphasized that “Removing the condom without warning is a crime of sexual assault, known as stealthing in English.”

Ríos also claimed that Huerta targeted emotionally vulnerable women, manipulating them into falling in love, gaining their trust, using them as sexual trophies, and abruptly cutting off communication and disappearing.

The activist María Elena Ríos, along with victims of acid violence, presented an initiative for this crime to be classified as femicide or attempted femicide at the national level, rather than being considered solely as injuries. (Photo by Cuartoscuro)

María Elena Ríos, who became a prominent activist against femicide in Mexico after surviving an acid attack in 2019, has accused her ex-partner, a businessman and politician from Oaxaca currently in prison, of being responsible for the attack.

In response to Ríos’s allegations, Huerta acknowledged that he had a consensual relationship with her in 2022 but vehemently denied any wrongdoing. He stated, “While I am by no means perfect, I know these allegations are simply false. And while I always work to improve, I must refute claims that are both wrong and offensive.”

Following Ríos’s complaint, actress Fernanda Tosky came forward with her own negative experience involving the ‘Narcos’ star. She stated, “I always knew that one day something like this would happen. I had a very ugly experience with him, and in my experience, he did not show sexual respect. He only pursued his own interests. He hurt me, and I felt immense anger. I hope that his abusive behavior stops.”

Tenoch Huerta continues to maintain his innocence and remains focused on restoring his image.


Tenoch Huerta Responds to Sexual Assault Accusations

Sexual intercourse without her consent, which is known as stealthing. She also accused him of gaslighting and attempting to intimidate her. These allegations have had a significant impact on Huerta’s career, causing him to step down from his lead role in the film ‘Party at the Burrow’. The upcoming Netflix film based on a novel by Juan Pablo Villalobos has been affected by Huerta’s decision. Huerta stated that he felt compelled to prioritize restoring his reputation and had limited options, ultimately choosing to focus on resolving the situation legally. Ríos’ accusations have caused controversy and raised awareness about issues of sexual violence and abuse of power.

What steps can be taken to prevent situations like the one involving Gustavo Huerta and Karla Ríos, specifically with respect to the issue of non-consensual sexual intercourse, or “stealthing

1. Raise awareness: Education and awareness campaigns can be implemented to highlight the issue of non-consensual sexual intercourse, including behaviors like stealthing. This can be done through school programs, public service announcements, media platforms, and social media campaigns.

2. Promote open communication: Encourage open and honest communication about sexual boundaries, consent, and expectations between sexual partners. This can help create an atmosphere where both parties feel comfortable discussing their desires and boundaries.

3. Consent education: Provide comprehensive education on consent, emphasizing that it must be voluntary, informed, and enthusiastic. Foster an understanding that consent can be withdrawn at any time and that any sexual activity without explicit consent is a violation.

4. Legal consequences: Establish and enforce strict laws against non-consensual sexual intercourse, including stealthing. Clearly define what constitutes sexual assault and make sure the legal system supports survivors, holding perpetrators accountable.

5. Support systems for survivors: Provide accessible and effective support systems for survivors of sexual assault. This includes confidential helplines, counseling services, and victim support programs. Ensuring survivors have a safe space to report incidents and seek assistance is crucial.

6. Bystander intervention training: Train individuals to recognize and intervene in situations where non-consensual sexual activity, including stealthing, is taking place. Encourage people to speak up and intervene if they witness such behavior or suspect someone may be at risk.

7. Sexual health education: Include comprehensive sexual health education in schools and provide information about the importance of consent, respecting boundaries, and the different forms of sexual assault.

8. Promote positive masculinity: Challenge harmful gender stereotypes and promote positive masculinity that emphasizes empathy, respect, consent, and healthy relationships. Encourage men to be active allies in preventing sexual assault and dismantle toxic attitudes that contribute to such behavior.

9. Technology and product improvements: Explore technological advancements such as improved condom designs that can help prevent stealthing. Innovative solutions can aim to protect individuals from non-consensual practices and provide them with more control over their sexual experiences.

10. Ongoing conversations: Ensure that discussions about consent, sexual violence prevention, and respect for boundaries continue across various settings such as schools, workplaces, and communities. Regular engagement and reinforcement of these messages can help create a culture that rejects non-consensual sexual behavior.

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Harold June 21, 2023 - 12:21 am

It’s disheartening to hear about Tenoch Huerta’s career setback. Sexual assault allegations must always be taken seriously, and stepping down from the ‘Party at the Burrow’ project reflects a responsible move. Accountability and justice are essential for a safe and inclusive industry.

Moses June 21, 2023 - 12:21 am

It’s disheartening to see yet another talented actor like Tenoch Huerta facing career setbacks due to serious allegations. Taking responsibility by stepping down from the ‘Party at the Burrow’ project is the right move, ensuring that victims are heard and justice is served.


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