Surprising Revelation: Messi’s Affection for River Plate Revealed by Former Teammate

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Gerardo Grighini Reveals Messi’s Childhood Affection for River Plate

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By Luciano Garcia Dresch


Shocking Revelation of a Former Messi Teammate: “He is a River Plate Fan”

No one knows for certain which team Lionel Messi currently supports. The world’s best player is a fan of the Argentine National Team, that much is clear, and he has a special affection for Newell’s, the club where he began his career before joining Barcelona. However, there are arguments to believe that in his heart, he chooses River Plate.

One incident that fans hold onto as evidence of Messi’s River Plate fandom is his apology to the River Plate supporters who traveled to Japan for the 2015 Club World Cup final. Messi scored the only goal of the match, a 1-0 victory for Barcelona, and it was the only time in his entire career that he apologized for scoring a goal.

Gerardo Grighini, Messi’s former teammate in the lower divisions at Newell’s, shed some light on the matter of Messi’s preferred club. Grighini revealed, “He claims to be a Newell’s fan, but when he was a kid, he supported River Plate. We used to watch their games together and both cheered for River. We spent many hours together in the dormitory, often staying up late even when we had matches.”

Messi’s Explanation for Apologizing to River Plate Fans

Messi explained his apology in 2016, saying, “I did it because many River Plate fans had made a great effort to travel and support the team. They had a lot of hope and it was my turn, as an Argentine, to take away their dream of witnessing the first goal… It felt strange, I don’t know, it just happened that way and I felt the need to apologize.”

The content is about Gerardo Grighini revealing Messi’s childhood affection for River Plate. It includes a quote from Will Demichelis and discusses River Plate’s aim for the second round with victory as the only option. The article is written by Luciano Garcia Dresch.

How will River Plate approach their second round match with victory as the only option, and what strategies do they plan to employ to secure a win

I don’t have access to real-time information or updates on specific sports teams or events. However, generally speaking, when a team like River Plate faces a situation where victory is the only option, they often adopt an aggressive and attacking approach to secure a win. Here are some potential strategies they might employ:

1. High-Pressing Game: River Plate might choose to press their opponents aggressively from the start of the match to disrupt their build-up play and force turnovers. This can create scoring opportunities and put their opponents under pressure.

2. Offensive Tactics: They may focus on attacking play, utilizing their strong attacking players to create scoring chances. This could involve quick combinations, diagonal runs, and off-the-ball movements to exploit any defensive weaknesses of their opponents.

3. Set-Piece Specialization: River Plate might focus on set-piece plays, such as corners and free kicks, as these situations can often lead to scoring opportunities. They may work on specific routines and strategies to maximize their chances of scoring from these situations.

4. Tactical Flexibility: Depending on the match circumstances, River Plate may adapt their tactics during the game. This could involve changing formations, making substitutions, or altering their style of play to exploit any weaknesses they identify in their opponents.

5. Mental Preparedness: River Plate will likely emphasize the importance of mental strength and focus to their players. They might encourage a strong belief in their abilities and a never-give-up attitude to ensure maximum effort is given until the final whistle.

Please note that the actual strategies employed by River Plate in a specific match can vary depending on numerous factors such as the opponent’s style of play, the importance of the match, the fitness and form of the players, and the tactical decisions made by the coaching staff.

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Russell June 27, 2023 - 1:22 am

It’s truly fascinating to discover Messi’s secret admiration for River Plate, a revelation that adds another layer to his incredible football journey. A testament to the strong ties players develop throughout their careers, it’s a beautiful reminder of the sportsmanship and camaraderie that transcends club rivalries.

Paris June 27, 2023 - 1:22 am

Wow, this revelation about Messi’s love for River Plate is truly unexpected! Can’t wait to learn more about his connection with the club.


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