Some hotels in Cuba close reservations to Cuban nationals

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Hotels in Cuba Close Reservations for Nationals: What’s Happening?

A recent announcement that several hotels in the keys to the north of the province of Villa Clara in Cuba will deny reservations for Cuban nationals has raised concerns. The news of the new policy, which has been circulating for a few days, has caused frustration and outrage among Cuban residents.

Mexican Travel Agency Informed Travelers about Policy Change

The Mexican travel and tourism agency, Travel Portal, was one of the first to inform travelers about the new restricted policy. The Angsana Cayo Santa Maria and Dhawa Cayo Santa Maria hotels have notified them that they will no longer be accepting reservations from Cuban nationals due to policies and rules of the hotels that allow access to residents on the island who have another nationality and foreign passport. The agency even warns that reservations of Cuban clients will be canceled by the hotels.

Leaked Letter Confirmed Restricted Access to Hotels for Cuban Nationals

Leaked information emerged from a Sales Director of the Angsana Hotel via social media regarding the measure to restrict access to Cuban nationals. The letter confirms the strict regulation that passport will be strictly requested from all clients at the time of check-in to eliminate discriminatory issues. The hotel board assures that it is not a matter of discrimination, but rather policies and rules that the hotel owners must abide by and deny entry to the hotel immediately.

Reports from workers at the Cayo Santa Maria revealed that the restriction applies to all hotels in the area. This means that nationals of Cuba can only book a room if they have another passport that is not Cuban. Additionally, the hotels will only permit entry to relatives in the same status.

Gaviota Tourism Group Denies the News

The Gaviota Tourism Group, which controls 48% of the hotel facilities in Cuba according to official data, denied any news that there is a limitation of entry of national clients to their sites. They firmly believe that all customers have the right to enjoy their services and facilities, regardless of their nationality. However, a Cuban journalist confirmed that the alleged letter from a Gaviota executive might be true.

Is It Discrimination?

In conclusion, some argue that the restriction of access to Cuban nationals is discriminatory, while others maintain that it is a policy that hotels must abide by. The facts remain that reservations for Cuban nationals will be canceled, and they will be denied entry to hotels. This decision will impact many residents, who were already struggling to deal with the economic challenges brought on by the pandemic.

Nevertheless, the Gaviota Tourism Group has denied the allegations and reaffirmed their commitment to inclusion and diversity in the hospitality industry, which is open to all.

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