Shakira Reveals Tense Relationship Between Piqué and Guardiola During Barcelona Years

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The newspaper ‘El País’ published this Friday part of the declarations of Shakira during her trial with the Spanish Treasury. The singer has been involved in this legal process for a significant period of time due to an alleged tax fraud amounting to 14.5 million euros. These events occurred in 2019, three years prior to her separation from Pique and subsequent relocation to Miami.

The Tense Relationship Between Pique and Guardiola

One of the surprising revelations made by Shakira was the difficult situation involving Pique and Guardiola during their time together at FC Barcelona.

According to the Colombian singer, her former partner had a strained relationship with the current coach of Manchester City, particularly during the successful years of their shared tenure at Barcelona. At one point, the situation reached a breaking point, with either Pique or Guardiola having to leave the club. “Gerard had a rather complicated relationship with Barça. With Guardiola, it was incredibly tense. It became a matter of ‘you go or I go’,” Shakira declared. “It was a situation that caused him a great deal of distress,” she added.

Challenges of a Turbulent Relationship

Shakira also reminisced about how her personal relationship with Pique faced challenges in its early stages due to their differing professional careers.

“Our relationship was quite turbulent; it resembled a Dragon Khan ride. Our professional lives didn’t align, it was like trying to mix oil and water. While I was constantly traveling, he had to adhere to a strict schedule,” she confessed.

Visits to Barcelona

The artist emphasized that her trips to Barcelona only began in 2011 when she started dating Pique. However, she emphasized that their relationship was still in its infancy during that period, and her visits to Barcelona were frequent yet incidental.

“I vividly remember flying from Marrakesh to Croatia. As we soared over Barcelona, I asked the pilot if we could briefly land just so I could give Gerard a kiss. I wonder if the Tax Agency counted that as a full day spent in Spain,” she ironically remarked.

Denial of Tax Residence and Settling in Barcelona

Shakira describes the Treasury’s attribution of tax residence in Spain during that period as “absurd” since she was still in the process of “getting to know” Gerard. In January 2013, they welcomed their first child, Milan, but the singer adamantly denies that this led to her settling in Barcelona.

“I scheduled a C-section because I had a contract with The Voice. I entered the delivery room with makeup on, gave birth, and took my newborn son everywhere with me. It was akin to how indigenous mothers carry their children. I even breastfed him on the set of the program every three hours,” she revealed.

Shakira further declares that her decision to settle in Spain from 2015 onwards was not driven by personal desire. “While it is a beautiful country, it is not the epicenter of the music industry. Being in Spain has required significant sacrifices for my professional success,” she explains.

Moreover, she firmly asserts that she never intended to commit tax fraud at any point. “I have no interest in engaging in criminal activities to accumulate more wealth. Honestly, Your Honor, I’m not aware of anyone facing criminal proceedings merely for having a boyfriend,” she confidently stated.

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