Shakira and her mother: A relationship of love and influence

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Shakira’s Heartwarming Relationship with Her Mom

Shakira recently shared a heartwarming post on Instagram, proving yet again how close she is with her mother, Nidia del Carmen Ripoll. The photo shows the two cuddling up with each other and the caption reads, “Yes, at my age and still sitting on my mom’s lap.” Shakira has always been vocal about how her mother has influenced her life and career, even dedicating part of her speech at the Women in Music Awards to her mother, who was the inspiration behind the singer winning the Woman of the Year Award.

The Importance of Family Relationships

Shakira’s relationship with her parents has always been close, but it has become even more evident after the singer left Barcelona and settled in Miami with her family. Shakira has even publicly acknowledged how much her parents have had an impact on her life. In fact, her parents were the ones who named her Shakira, a word that is Arabic for “thank you.” And after 10 years of appearing on children’s television shows, Shakira won her first competition, all thanks to her mother’s encouragement and support.

The Power of a Mother’s Love

Shakira has been vocal about how much her mother means to her and even her career. Despite her mother’s avoidance of the limelight, she has always been a grounding force for her daughter. Her mother has been with her through thick and thin, including the difficult breakup with long-time partner Gerard Piqué. In fact, when rumors began swirling about a possible crisis in her relationship with the soccer player, Shakira’s mother was the one who addressed the press, saying that the couple were “happy as always.” While things may have changed since then, Shakira’s love for her mother remains unwavering.

Mother’s Love Lasts a Lifetime

In Shakira’s case, her mother has played a significant role in not only her life but her career as well. She owes much of her success and career choices to her mother’s support and encouragement. Despite facing many obstacles, Shakira continues to remain grounded and strong, all thanks to the love of her mother and family. As she said at the Women in Music Awards, “For me, mommy, you have been the woman of the year.” And indeed, for Shakira, her mother has been the ultimate source of inspiration and strength, a testament to the power of a mother’s love.

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