Severe Weather Expected in North Texas: Strong Winds, Large Hail and Potential Flooding

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DALLAS, Texas: Severe Weather Warning for North Texas

A meteorologist from Univision Dallas, Nelly Carreño, has issued a warning about the possibility of severe weather returning to North Texas this Saturday afternoon. The storms expected to hit the region could bring strong winds and large hail, posing a potential threat to the area.

Timing and Potential Damage

The most critical hours to be on high alert are between 6 pm and 10 pm. These storms will approach from the west, with the Dallas-Fort Worth sector being particularly vulnerable to potential damage. The severity of the weather risk has been raised to level 3, on a scale of 1 to 5, for almost all of North Texas.

Severe Storm Watch

A Severe Storm Watch has been issued until 10 pm for several counties, including Jack, Clay, Palo Pinto, Erath, Eastland, Stephens, and Wichita. Residents in these areas should remain vigilant and take necessary precautions.

Take Precautions: Main Risks on Saturday

According to Nelly Carreño, the upcoming storms carry the risk of producing very large hail, with sizes reaching up to 2.75 inches. Additionally, winds could reach speeds of up to 75 miles per hour. There is also a possibility of isolated flash flooding, primarily during the nighttime hours.

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