Sergio Busquets’ Decision to Join Leo Messi at Inter Miami Revealed

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Sergio Busquets’ Desire to Play Alongside Messi

Choosing Family Comfort Over Financial Gain

Sergio Busquets had always envisioned ending his career alongside Leo Messi. While the player refrained from publicly confirming this during the negotiation process, his ultimate goal was to continue playing football with the Argentine superstar in a comfortable and family-oriented environment.

Messi was the first to make a move, opting for Inter Miami despite receiving lucrative offers from Arab football clubs. Busquets, on the other hand, took his time to decide. Although he had tempting options in Arabia, such as joining Cristiano Ronaldo at Al-Narss or playing for Al-Hilal, he realized that he would feel more at ease in the United States.

He even received attractive proposals fromNorth American soccer, including one from Toronto that offered him the role of ambassador for the 2026 World Cup, which will have one of its venues in Canada.

However, Busquets remained steadfast in his desire to have his family live close to Messi’s and enjoy quality time together in Florida.

Sergio Busquets bidding farewell to Camp Nou

Now, the future of Jordi Alba remains uncertain. He is also considering the option of continuing his career in Europe, but it is not out of the question for him to follow in the footsteps of his friends and join Inter Miami.

Possible Debut

Messi’s debut in the pink shirt is scheduled for July 21 at the DRV PNK stadium in Fort Lauderdale, where he will face Cruz Azul in a tournament featuring North American and Mexican teams. This could also mark Busquets’ debut in the United States.

In any case, Inter Miami plans to organize a grand presentation for these two global soccer stars as they join their project.

Ommenting on his desire to play with Messi, it was clear that the two had a strong bond both on and off the field. Busquets prioritized his personal comfort and happiness over financial gain, choosing to stay at Barcelona and play alongside his longtime friend rather than seeking a move to a more lucrative club. This decision showcases Busquets’ loyalty and commitment to both Messi and Barcelona.

In what ways did the strong bond between Busquets and Messi contribute to Busquets’ decision to stay at Barcelona rather than seek a move to a more lucrative club

There are several ways in which the strong bond between Sergio Busquets and Lionel Messi may have contributed to Busquets’ decision to stay at Barcelona instead of seeking a move to a more lucrative club:

1. Shared success: Busquets and Messi have shared numerous successes at Barcelona, including winning multiple domestic and international titles together. This shared history and success could have strengthened their bond and made it difficult for Busquets to leave Messi and Barcelona behind.

2. Understanding on the field: Busquets and Messi have developed a deep understanding on the field over the years. They have a telepathic connection that allows them to anticipate each other’s movements and pass the ball efficiently. This understanding and chemistry would be challenging to replicate at a new club, potentially making the decision to leave Barcelona less appealing.

3. Friendship and loyalty: Busquets and Messi have also developed a strong friendship off the field. They have spent years together, supporting and motivating each other. Loyalty to a friend like Messi could have played a significant role in Busquets’ decision to stay at Barcelona rather than chasing a more lucrative contract elsewhere.

4. Personal satisfaction: Beyond the financial aspects, footballers often prioritize personal satisfaction and playing in a familiar and supportive environment. The bond between Busquets and Messi could have contributed to Busquets feeling valued, appreciated, and content at Barcelona. The emotional connection with Messi and the club may have outweighed the potential financial gains of a move to a more lucrative club.

Ultimately, the strong bond between Busquets and Messi likely played a significant role in his decision to stay at Barcelona, as it encompassed shared success, on-field understanding, friendship, loyalty, and personal satisfaction.

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Sevyn June 24, 2023 - 8:19 am

“Smart move by Busquets! Joining forces with Messi at Inter Miami will not only reunite the dynamic duo but also bring a winning mentality to the club. Exciting times ahead!”


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