Selection of the Official Mister Cuba 2023 at the Cuban Art Factory this Sunday

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The Search for the Most Handsome Man in Cuba

Sunday June 18, 2023

Photo: Raydel Hidalgo/Official Mister Cuba

The highly anticipated gala to select the “most handsome man in Cuba” is set to take place this Sunday, June 18, at the prestigious Cuban Art Factory. The event, which will commence at 7:00 pm, has been generating excitement among the Cuban population and beyond.

Mister Cuba Oficial, the official organizer of the event, has expressed his enthusiasm for the occasion, stating, “We eagerly await the presence of all Havana residents, both in person and online, as we provide exclusive backstage coverage for our followers from all over the country and the world.”

The Finalists

Among the finalists vying for the coveted title are:

Damian Cobas Masso hails from Santiago de Cuba. At 26 years old and standing at an impressive height of 1.88 meters, he is not only a model but also a talented musician. (Instagram: @cobasmasso)

Alvaro Diaz Hernandez, an 18-year-old from Santiago de Cuba, stands tall at 1.83 meters. He has made a name for himself as a promising model. (Instagram: @alvarodiazhb)

Titus Reyes, a fitness model, is 27 years old and measures an impressive 1.94 meters. (Instagram: @titoreyesmodel)

Ale Carrión, a 23-year-old model, stands at 1.83 meters. (Instagram: @ale_carrion99)

Francisco Salfran Zulueta, 31 years old and 1.92 meters tall, is not only a Crossfit coach but also a graduate in Physical Culture and Sports. He is associated with the ACT modeling agency. (Instagram: @salfrancrosstrainer)

Adrián Orozco, a 28-year-old model, stands at an impressive height of 1.87 meters. (Instagram: @adrian_orozco94)

Yulian Díaz, a 25-year-old professional model affiliated with the ACTUAR agency, stands at 1.85 meters. (Instagram: @yulian19975)

Maykel Fernández, a 23-year-old model and actor, stands at 1.85 meters. (Instagram: @maykelmodel_official)

Pablo Alejandro Guerra, 25 years old and 1.84 meters tall, is a professional model associated with the ACTUAR agency. (Instagram: @pablo_guerra97model)

The winner of the prestigious title of Official Mister Cuba 2023 will be announced at the Cuban Art Factory on Sunday, June 18, at 7:00 pm. For those unable to attend, the event can be followed on Facebook and Instagram.

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