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Salma Hayek Not only is she one of the most famous Mexican actresses in Hollywood, she has also developed her facet as a producer and businesswoman. She was born in Veracruz, she has been living in the United States for several years but she never forgets her Aztec roots.

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your account instagram which has many followers, is the artist’s favorite channel to share her works but also her glamorous outfits because she is one of the faces that is always present at events. The actress never leaves details to chance and her outfits carry the concept among the best on every red carpet.

Salma Hayek.  Source: Instagram @salmahayek

Salma Hayek. Source: Instagram @salmahayek

The truth is Salma Hayek time is also made to enjoy free time and rest. Some of her publications show her in a swimsuit where she arouses many compliments for the body she has and the models she exhibits, a fan of two-piece sets, she usually chooses colors when enjoying the heat.

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So there are three models that look Salma Hayek that could well be used by women over 50 years of age and look with a youthful style. The most recent one is lilac in color, with a small knot at the top and the bottom part has small bows on its sides. “Some people don’t like gray days, but I believe that every day is a blessing. Love your week, no matter what it brings,” the actress wrote on board a yacht.

Salma Hayek.  Source: Instagram @salmahayek

Salma Hayek. Source: Instagram @salmahayek

The same or very similar model exhibited Salma Hayek in their publications but this time in yellow. She posed very sensually, at sunset and also leaning on a small ladder that allows her to get into the sea, were the moments that she chose to show herself in a bathing suit. Her third model is a light violet color, more classic, with which she stretched out her arms to receive the wind on her face. In this way, Salma Hayek shows that at her age she chooses to feel comfortable with bathing suits and she does not hide the signs of the passing of the years.

Salma Hayek.  Source: Instagram @salmahayek

Salma Hayek. Source: Instagram @salmahayek

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