Rubén Neves to Join Al Hilal in Saudi Arabia, Barcelona’s Replacement for Sergio Busquets

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Ruben Neves Joins Al Hilal, Barcelona Loses Out

Ruben Neves, one of the priority signings on Barcelona’s agenda, has made a decision about his future. The talented midfielder will be playing for Al Hilal in Saudi Arabia.

Agreement Reached with Al Hilal

According to Matteo Maretto, a transfer specialist, an agreement has been reached with Ruben Neves for a transfer fee of 55 million euros. Fabrizio Romano, a renowned journalist, has also confirmed the deal, highlighting that Barcelona will lose out on a potential substitute for Sergio Busquets.

Barcelona’s Missed Opportunity

Neves had previously reached an agreement with Barcelona, but the club recently informed his agent, Mendes, that the signing is almost ruled out. As a result, Neves has chosen to join Al Hilal, who failed to convince Lionel Messi but successfully convinced the Portuguese midfielder, who arrives from Wolverhampton.

A Growing Trend

In recent months, Saudi Arabia has attracted several high-profile footballers, including Kante, Ziyech, Mendy, Aubameyang, and Umtiti. This trend showcases the increasing appeal of Saudi clubs in the global football market.

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