Riquelme’s Emotional Tribute to Maradona and Messi at His Farewell Event

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Riquelme’s Farewell – A Night to Remember

Emotional Words from Juan Román Riquelme

After the highly anticipated match between Boca’s old glories, led by Juan Román Riquelme, and the all-time figures of the National Team, with Lionel Messi as the great standard-bearer, it was time for Riquelme to address the more than 50,000 fans in the stadium and the millions watching on TV. With excitement in his voice, he paid tribute to Diego Maradona.

“Football has given everything to my life. It allowed me to buy my mother’s house. Many things have happened, but I consider myself lucky. I had the privilege to play alongside the greatest player, the one I idolized as a child, who was Maradona. Today is a wonderful day for all the Boca fans. I was fortunate because as a child, it was the most significant thing I witnessed,” Riquelme expressed. He even wore a Boca jersey with Maradona’s name and number 10 on the back, a gesture Maradona himself had done during his farewell in 2001.

A Special Bond with Maradona Throughout His Career

Riquelme’s connection with Maradona extended beyond his childhood admiration. He had the opportunity to play alongside Maradona as his teammate, replacing him on the day of Diego’s final game in 1997 against River Plate. Riquelme brought great joy to Boca under the guidance of coach Carlos Bianchi. However, their relationship became strained when Maradona took charge of the National Team. Riquelme openly criticized Maradona’s coaching decisions, leading to his resignation from the team. Reconciliation never occurred. Years later, when Maradona became the coach of Gimnasia La Plata in 2020, Riquelme, as the vice president of the club, distanced himself from the tribute to Maradona at La Bombonera.

Expressing his gratitude to Messi for being part of this unique day, Riquelme also addressed the Argentine superstar, saying, “Time passed, and I had the privilege to play alongside someone incredibly great. I don’t know if he is greater or lesser than Maradona (Note: referring to Messi). Messi, I know you had to postpone your vacation, and I apologize to your family for keeping you here a few more days. I hope you had a fantastic time.”

The celebration continued with a birthday cake and candles for Messi, who shares the same birthday as Riquelme on June 24. A commemorative plaque was also presented to Messi and the other world champions, Di María, Paredes, and Scaloni. The day concluded with a group photo of all the participants in this tribute, marking another memorable day in Argentine soccer.

Riquelme and Maradona’s 10.

Messi Riquelme (Boca Press)

The Summary of Riquelme’s Farewell

Juan Román Riquelme – 25-6-2023

The Summary of the Farewell to Román

Riquelme and Maradona’s 10

Juan Román Riquelme – 25-6-2023

Riquelme Wears Maradona’s Jersey

Juan Román Riquelme – 25-6-2023

Riquelme’s Emotional Speech Before His Fans

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This content is about Juan Román Riquelme’s farewell event, which took place after a match between Boca’s old glories and the all-time figures of the National Team. Riquelme addressed the fans, paying tribute to Diego Maradona and expressing his gratitude for his career in football. Riquelme wore a Boca jersey with Maradona’s name and number as a gesture of respect. The article also highlights Riquelme’s special bond with Maradona, including playing alongside him and their strained relationship when Maradona coached the National Team. Riquelme also thanked Lionel Messi for being part of the event and apologized for keeping him away from his vacation. The day concluded with a celebration for Messi’s birthday and a group photo of all the participants in the tribute.

How did Juan Román Riquelme pay tribute to Diego Maradona during his farewell event?

Juan Román Riquelme paid tribute to Diego Maradona during his farewell event by wearing a shirt with Maradona’s name and number. He also spoke about the impact Maradona had on his career and thanked him for his guidance and support. Additionally, Riquelme presented Maradona with a personalized framed tribute, highlighting their shared history and accomplishments in Argentine football.

What was the significance of Lionel Messi’s involvement in Juan Román Riquelme’s farewell event

Lionel Messi’s involvement in Juan Román Riquelme’s farewell event was significant for several reasons:

1. Friendship: Messi and Riquelme share a strong bond as fellow Argentine footballers. Messi has often spoken highly of Riquelme’s influence on his career, and their friendship extends beyond the football pitch.

2. Passing the torch: Riquelme was one of Argentina’s greatest midfielders and his retirement marked the end of an era. Messi’s presence at the farewell event could be seen as a symbolic passing of the torch from one generation to the next, signifying Messi’s role as the next Argentine footballing legend.

3. Paying tribute: Messi’s involvement honored Riquelme’s illustrious career and contribution to Argentine football. Riquelme was an icon at both club and international level, and Messi’s participation showed respect and appreciation for his accomplishments.

4. Unity among players: Messi’s presence at the event highlighted the unity and camaraderie among Argentine players. It showcased the mutual respect and support they have for each other, emphasizing the close-knit nature of the Argentine football community.

Overall, Messi’s involvement in Riquelme’s farewell event had significant sentimental value, demonstrating the respect, friendship, and unity among Argentine players, as well as symbolizing Messi’s role as the next generation’s footballing figurehead.

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Creed June 26, 2023 - 2:24 am

A truly heartfelt and touching tribute by Riquelme, honoring the immense legacies of Maradona and Messi. Such a remarkable farewell event that celebrates the extraordinary influence these football icons have had on the world.

Avi June 26, 2023 - 2:24 am

What a beautiful and emotional tribute by Riquelme honoring the legendary Maradona and Messi at his farewell event. A true testament to the immense impact these football icons have had on the sport, and how they continue to inspire generations.


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