Reynosa, Tamaulipas councilor detained in Texas with 42 kilograms of alleged cocaine

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Councilor from Reynosa arrested in Texas for carrying 42 kilograms of cocaine

Denisse Ahumada was arrested in Texas, USA (Photo: Twitter/@JoseLuisBerum/File)
Denisse Ahumada was arrested in Texas, USA (Photo: Twitter/@JoseLuisBerum/File)

A councilor from the Mexican city of Reynosa, Tamaulipas, was arrested by the US Border Patrol in Texas for carrying 42 kilograms of cocaine. Denisse Smoked Martinez was caught with the drugs hidden in her vehicle and was detained by police officers.

US authorities find the drugs hidden in the vehicle

The drug was seized by US authorities (Photo: Twitter/@MennyValdz)
The drug was seized by US authorities (Photo: Twitter/@MennyValdz)

The authorities discovered the drugs during a routine check on a Mazda with Tamaulipas license plates. The officers noticed anomalies in the seats, and upon investigation, they discovered the cocaine concealed in various packages.

Not the first time transporting drugs

The seized substance weighed approximately 92 pounds, and it was not the first time the councilor had transported drugs across the border, according to her statement. Her destination was Saint Anthony, and the US authorities arrested her on Saturday, June 10, but her arrest was only revealed the following Tuesday.

Authorities express concern over politician’s criminal acts

Denisse Smoked Martinez was elected as a councilor for the Green Party Ecologist of Mexico (PVEM) but switched to the National Action Party (PAN) in 2021. The state leader of PAN in Tamaulipas, Luis René Cantú Galván, condemned her alleged criminal acts.

“She was elected for the Green Party, decided to leave the party and asked for a political agreement to be in National Action. That agreement was carried out and was fulfilled at the time,” said Cantú Galván. “Unfortunately, for months she stopped having communication with the party and did not attend the calls that were made to her. On the contrary, she became very close to the mayor Carlos Peña.”

Determination of temporary detention and denial of right to bail

(Photo: Littleton Police Department)
(Photo: Littleton Police Department)

On June 12, Martinez faced the authorities of McAllen, Texas, and a judge subsequent to her temporary detention denied her right to bail.

Other drug-related arrests reported in the region

This is not the only recent arrest due to drug trafficking in the region. In May, a Mexican man was accused of conspiring to traffic cocaine in the US after authorities found a large drug seizure during a routine inspection. They were seized right after the inspection. More recently, a man apparently related to the Sinaloa cartel was also arrested and linked to the distribution of cocaine and laundering of drug money.

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